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Okutsu Onsen

A hot spring located in the mountains with abundant and beautiful nature, “Bijin-no-yu” is loved by many artists.


Bijin-no-yu loved by an artist, Bunjin Bokkaku


A honored hot spring used by people in the Tsuyama Clan as a therapeutic hot spring for a long time. It is a good spring containing bleaching components said to be good for whitening skin, and it is therefore also called “Bijin-no-yu.” This place is also well known as a place for foot washing, which people do in the open-air hot spring near the Yoshii River.

[Nature of spring] Alkaline simple hot spring, amount of discharge: 1,000L/min.
[Efficacy] Gastroenteric disorder, nerve pain, rheumatism, chronic feminine problems, fatigues, etc.



“Kagi” means “lock” in Japanese, and the name “Kagi-yu” comes from the following old story. In the Edo Period, about 400 years ago, the Tsuyama Clan created a hot spring bath dedicated to their lord and subordinate warriors. In order to prohibit public people from taking a bath in this hot spring, it was locked. Currently, the hot spring bath is used in the Japanese-style hotel, “Okutsu-so.”

For more information, contact
Meisen Kagi-yu Okutsu-so

Okutsu Onsen Year-round Event Information

Okutsu Onsen Year-round Event Information

Okutsu Onsen Kobushi Festival
Early April
This is a festival to enjoy Kobushi flowers and the spring in Okutsu.
Okutsu Onsen Kajika Festival
Middle of June
There will be a free footbath. In addition, an assembly to listen to Kajika frogs will be held.
Okutsu Onsen Momiji Festival
Early to Middle of November
Especially in this season, you will surely enjoy the interesting points of Okutsu, such as its autumn leaves and delicacies. At nighttime, the lit up autumn leaves provide a nostalgic image in the Okutsu Gorge.
Okutsu Kakashi Festival
Early to Middle of October
At the roadside station, Okutsu Onsen, a scarecrow (kakashi) contest and rice-cake making demonstration (mochitsuki) and sale will be held.
Okutsu Onsen Yuki Festival
Early February
A “fantasy of snow and illumination” will be held, where candles are lit in mini snow caves and soup is given out.

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Must-see spots of Okutsu Onsen

This is a public bath without accommodation facilities. You can enjoy this excellent hot spring, “Bijin-no-yu”. It has been famous for a long time. On every second Sunday of the month, the women’s bath will be filled with roses, creating a rose scent.
Ohtsuri Onsen
You can take the hot spring bath while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Okutsu Gorge and listening to the heroic sound of the Yoshii River.
Okutsu Gorge
A picturesque place located at the lower stream of Okutsu Onsen. The autumn leaves are especially beautiful.
Roadside Station Okutsu Onsen
There is an agricultural product shop where you can buy vegetables, wild vegetables, and other special local products and a restaurant serving local dishes.
Demonstration of foot washing
On Sunday mornings and national holidays, there are “Foot Washing” demonstrations in this area.

Major accommodation facilities

Accommodations list

Yuyado Saisai


Meisen Kagiyu Okutsu-so




Hannyaji Onsen


Ryokan Ishihara






Seoto Ryokan


List of facilities for a one-day hot spring tour in Okutsu Onsen



Ohtsuri Onsen



Bus: 60 min. from Tsuyama st. of the JR Tsuyama Line by bus. Get off the bus at “Okutsu Onsen.”

Car: 30 min. from Innosho IC of Chugoku Express Way

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