4 nights
5 days

Fruit Picking Packed with the Flavor of the Season!

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in Fukuoka Airport / out Kansai International Airport

In Okayama where high quality fruit is produced, enjoy picking your own fruit and sweets made with the local fruit. After visiting famous spots by rental car, enjoy Japanese cuisine at a ryokan with hot spring

Day 1

IN Fukuoka Airport

5 min by subway from Fukuoka Airport to JR Hakata Sta.

1 Fukuoka Sightseeing (Dazaifu, etc.)


After visiting Dazaifu-tenmangu Shrine, dedicated to the worship of the god of learning, visitors are recommended to stop by Fukuoka’s famous food stalls for dinner. Come and taste such delicacies as motsunabe (flavored hotpot dish), Hakata ramen made with pork bone soup, and mentaiko (marinated fish roe)!

Overnight stay in Fukuoka City

Day 2

1 hr 37 min on Shinkansen from JR Hakata Sta.

INJR Okayama Sta.

1 hr 30 min by rent-a-car from JR Okayama Sta.

2 Ohaganishi no Tanada (Rice Terraces)
30 min


Ohaganishi no Tanada is a landscape masterpiece featuring roughly 850 terraced rice fields spreading gradually across the entire valley. With a sea of clouds appearing in fall, the rice fields offer a beautiful sight in any season. The terraced rice fields of Ohaganishi no Tanada are also a popular spot for photographs.

1 hr by rent-a-car

3 Mitsubachi Farm, Yamada Bee Farm
2 hrs


With food and cosmetics products made from high-quality honey and royal jelly, Yamada Bee Farm’s Mitsubachi Farm offers a variety of honey-based sweets for visitors to try.

Don’t miss these locations! Gelato and Honey Products

The soft-serve ice cream made with honey and crepes are popular! A variety of honey-based products also available and make perfect souvenirs.


20 min by rent-a-car

4 Okutsukei Valley


Okutsukei Valley is a richly diverse landscape with such features as boulders and waterfalls. Visitors can enjoy a stroll on a promenade following the river. The valley offers spectacular scenery throughout the year, especially when the fall foliage is showing its full colors.

10 min by rent-a-car

Overnight stay at Okutsu Onsen Okutsu Onsen
Enjoy a taste of Japanese cuisine while staying at a ryokan with hot spring, and don’t miss “Bijin no Yu” (Onsen of Beauty) and its skin-whitening and smoothing properties.

Lodging and Reservations

Day 3

1 hr 20 min by rent-a-car

5 Tsuyama Castle (Kakuzan Park) and Shurakuen Garden
3 hrs


Kakuzan Park is on the ruins of Tsuyama Castle, which was built about 400 years ago. Selected as one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom sites, the park treats visitors to an unimaginably beautiful view from atop the stone wall looking out over the more than 1000 cherry trees illuminated below. Extend your visit to Shurakuen Garden and enjoy a stroll through the garden created by the area’s daimyo (domain lord).

Don’t miss these locations! Tsuyama Horumon Udon

This dish, an exquisite combination of horumon (beef offal) and udon (thick wheat noodles), is one of Tsuyama’s local specialties.


15–20 min on foot

6 Joto Historical Preservation District (Joto Mukashi Machiya)
1 hr 30 min


With its preserved machiya (traditional townhouses), the Joto Historical Preservation District is an old townscape where Japan’s history and culture come to life. At “Joto Mukashi Machiya,” showing the former residence of a large merchant, visitors can experience Japanese culture firsthand and take commemorative photos.

30 min by rent-a-car

Overnight stay at Yunogo Onsen Japanese Sake
With Japanese cuisine, give Japanese sake, made from carefully selected rice and high quality water, a try!

Lodging and Reservations

Day 4

15 min by rent-a-car

7 Peach Picking (Tomomien Fruit Farm, etc.)
2 hrs


If any fruit could represent Okayama, it would be the refreshing and elegantly sweet white peach. During the summer harvest season, Tomomien Fruit Farm and Yoshii Farm allow visitors the peach orchard where they can pick peaches and eat them on the spot.

Don’t miss these locations! Fruit Picking Experience

Earning the nickname of “Fruit Kingdom,” Okayama is a land brimming with delicious fruit. Come and enjoy the experience of harvesting seasonal fruit! A variety of plans are available, including all-you-can-eat plans and plans that include souvenirs.


30 min by rent-a-car

8 Explore area around Okayama Station
2 hrs


The area around Okayama Station features a number of commercial establishments including department stores, the largest shopping mall in Western Japan, and large consumer electronic specialty stores, shops where visitors can easily purchase Okayama souvenirs, making it an ideal shopping location. Don’t forget to take a commemorative photo with the statue of Momotaro, the main character from the famous Japanese folk tale.

Don’t miss these locations! Fruit Parfait

Okayama is famous for its sweet, delicious fruits. Visitors are encouraged to try an exquisite parfait topped with seasonal fruits.


After returning rent-a-car, 1 hr on Shinkansen from JR Okayama Sta. to JR Kyoto Sta.

Overnight stay in Kyoto City Explore Gion (Overnight Stay in Kyoto)

With the World Heritage Site of Kiyomizu-dera Temple nearby, the Gion district of Kyoto offers many famous attractions including Yasaka-jinja Shrine and Hanami-koji Street.

Day 5

9 Kyoto Sightseeing


From religious sites (shrines or temples) to tourist areas such as Higashiyama and Arashiyama, the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto is packed full of sightseeing attractions. Come and experience the profound Japanese food culture through well-known washoku (Japanese cuisine) shops and venerable Japanese confectionery shops.

1 hr 15 min on Express HARUKA from JR Kyoto Sta. to JR Kansai-airport Sta.

OUTKansai International Airport

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Copyright Okayama Prefectural Tourism Federation. All Right Reserved.

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