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in Okayama Station / out Okayama Station

Cherry blossoms, azalea and other beautiful flowers are in full bloom when spring comes to Okayama. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of spring with visits to Takahashi (Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Town), Fukiya, an old town famous for “Bengara” (colcothar ink), and the pastural landscape of southern Okayama’s Kibiji.

INOkayama Station

60 min by car, 20 min on foot

1 Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
40 min


This is the only castle located on a mountain top that has retained its tower. It stands 430 m above sea level on a mountain top. The wild cherry blossoms are in full bloom in early- to mid-April. The walk to the castle tower from Fuigo Pass Parking Lot takes approximately 20 minutes.

Shuttle Bus
Please use the shuttle bus between Shiromibashi Park Parking Lot and Fuigo Pass Parking Lot (Roundtrip 300 yen). During shuttle bus operation, cars are only allowed as far as the Shiromibashi Park Parking Lot. *Cars are allowed at the Fuigo Pass Parking Lot when shuttle buses are not running.

20 min on foot, 10 min by car

2 Raikyu-ji Temple Garden
40 min


This Japanese rock garden (dry landscape that evokes the image of flowing water) has retained its natural beauty for 400 years. Designated as a national Place of Scenic Beauty, the azaleas that come into full bloom between early May and early July add even more beauty to the scenery.

3 Koyagawa Bikan Historical Quarter
20 min


Takahashi (Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Town) features many historical buildings, including samurai and merchant houses, and the oldest Christian church in Okayama. Lined with beautiful cherry and willow trees, the two streets on either side of Koya River were selected for inclusion in the list of Japan’s top 100 paths in Japan.
Address: Kajimachi, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture

Don’t miss these locations! Japanese Restaurants

Enjoy local specialties such as popular eel and sweetfish dishes.
[Uotomi] Address: 106 Kajimachi, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture; Closed : No closing day
[Hana-Noren] Address: 1176-2 Abe, Ochiai-cho, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture; Closed on Wednesdays


40 min by car

4 Fukiya Furusato Village
1 hour and 20 min


Fukiya was once flourished as a major producer of vivid red Bengara pigment, a by-product of copper mining in the area. The rare townscape's red-colored buildings are designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

Don’t miss these locations! Experiencing Bengara Dying

Enjoy Bengara dying with easy-to-make silk screening.

Fukiya Information Center "Shimomachi Furatto"
Address: 890 Fukiya, Nariwa-cho, Takahashi City
Business Hours: April - November; Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday; 10:00am - 4:00pm


1 hour and 20 min by car

5 Kibiji
1 hour and 20 min


Kibiji's many historical sites to visit include Bitchu Kokubun-ji Temple and Kibitsu-jinja Shrine. The five-storied pagoda that features a carpet of milk vetch and rape blossoms is a popular photo spot.

Don’t miss these locations! Nomaru Engei Kibiji Noen Farm

Enjoy picking strawberries and blueberries, baking a pizza, and eating BBQ. Soft ice cream cones with fruit toppings are very popular.
Address: 411-1 Nishigori, Soja City
Business Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm (Registration until 4:00pm)


35 min by car

OUTArrival at Okayama Station

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Copyright Okayama Prefectural Tourism Federation. All Right Reserved.

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