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Okayama's Hidden Jewel: Momotaro Legend’s Kibitsu.

 Kibitsu Shrine is a wonderful sightseeing spot in Okayama Prefecture.This famous Kibitsu Shrine is now recognized as a Japanese heritage site with historical and cultural values.
 It is said that a shrine was built in the place where Kibitsuhiko/Momotaro captured Onra, an ancient demon who committed evil deeds, after a fierce battle.This shrine is called Kibitsu Shrine.Therefore, Kibitsu Shrine has historical value as "Momotaro Legend's Birth Town :Okayama."2022-08-03

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It takes about 15 minutes by train from Okayama Station to Kibitsu Station.The ticket is 210 yen.The 10 minute walk from Kibitsu Station to the shrine is very beautiful.

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The shrine surrounded by nature is spacious and attractive.At the shrine, you can buy souvenirs and amulets, and you can draw omikuji.
The biggest feature of Kibitsu Shrine is the long corridor next to the main shrine.This corridor is about 360 meters long and has beautiful seasonal flowers next to it.It's so pretty.

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Kibitsu Shrine consists of many beautiful scenery.After praying, you can enjoy nature and relax.Whether you come with your friends or alone, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the environment.This photo worthy Kibitsu Shrine is a hidden gem in Okayama.

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Refreshing Kibitsu Shrine is the best place to visit in this warm summer.

Writer: Pramudi Munasinghe

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