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Bisei Astronomical -Observatory-One of Japan’s foremost public obsetvatory-

Bisei Town, Ibara City, as the name suggests, is the town where you can see beautiful stars and it’s famous for a sacred place of astronomical observations. People in the area have made efforts to protect beautiful stars over the years. In 2021, the town was designated as the third International Dark Sky Place in Japan by International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).

Bisei Astronomical Observatory is in Bisei Town, Ibara City and one of Japan’s foremost public observatories. There is a 101 cm-diameter telescope in Bisei Astronomical Oservatory. You can observe the moon, planets and seasonal celestial objects with the telescope which is one of the most outstanding telescopes in Japan. There are a binocular telescope and small telescope at the observatory and you can observe there, listening to explanations by the staff member. You can also see a shooting star if you are lucky.

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I immediately took a commemorative photo at the entrance of the observatory.

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There are various kinds of payment methods for admission fees.
【Admission Fee】
Adult・Child(Elementary School Children or above) 300yen
Senior Discount (over 65) 240yen
Disability Discount 150 yen
JAF Discount 270 yen
Group Discount over 20 people 270yen
  over 50people 250yen

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After I purchased the entrance ticket and enter the hall, I saw the projection of the solar system.

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Since there are many customers, you have to make a reservation to observe with the 101 cm-diameter telescope from this April. Only customers made a reservation can observe in turn. Reservations will be made on the Website of Bikan Astronomical Observatory. If you don’t make a reservation in advance, you’ll be able to observe with a binocular telescope or small telescope.

More information (Japanese)

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I observed Saturn, Jupiter and the closest galaxy-Andromeda galaxy at the observatory.

I wanted to take pictures, but I gave up because it was hard to focus on.

This is a photo of the full moon taken at the observatory during the coverage.

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After observing at the observatory, you can obtain a lot of information about observations, seasons, and constellations inside the observatory.

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Souvenirs and gifts are sold on the first floor. This is a photo of fragments of a meteorite fell to the Argentina in 1576.

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Dark night sky
blends well with high-quality lighting
Night creates an environment
― Biseijin

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With beautiful night sky and twinkling stars, it’s a recommended spot for dating and seeking for mysteries of the universe.
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