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Miyama Park Close to the Seto Inland Sea

This time I have come to Miyama Park in Tamano City, Okayama. There are a lot of people at the roadside station here, as there are shops selling bento boxes, local vegetables and fish. The place is especially busy on weekends because there are many food stalls.

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In the roadside station area, there is a playground for children, a large lawn, a pond with carp and ducks, a dog run and a walking trail. I highly recommend taking your family there!

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They sell a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. They were so cheap that I couldn't resist buying them.

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This is an English garden on the grounds of Miyama Park.
The park requires an entrance fee. (Adults: 200 yen / Children: 100 yen)

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A Christmas tree was put up there in December when I visited.

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Since it was not the flowering season, there were not many flowers to see, but I think you would be able to enjoy them if you go there during the rose season (best time: early summer, autumn) or poppy season (best time: early summer).
I would also recommend it to those who want to relax a bit, as you can enjoy not only the flowers but also the sculptures installed in the garden.

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This is a photo of the English Garden taken from the hill with a nice view.

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I had a great time taking photogenic pictures. 

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