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Girls “must-see” Attention girls who want to take SNS-worthy photos!Kurashiki Afternoon Tea Winter 2023

“Kurashiki Afternoon Tea 2023 Winter” is being held from January 15 to March 31, 2023. During this period, I enjoyed two stores in Kurashiki only in January with my friend.
The first store we visited as soon as the event started was Cafecascade.

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*Snow Rabbit and Strawberry Afternoon Tea 4,300 yen (tax included)

I booked the "Snow Rabbit and Strawberry Afternoon Tea" course at Cafecascade. Why? First of all, when I saw the picture, the rabbit was cute and made a great impression on me since this is also the year of the rabbit.
Here is the afternoon tea stand, a stand for two.

[First tier]
Strawberry Fleur Pudding
Shortcake flying in the sky
Strawberry macaroon
[Second tier]
Usatan Tiramisu
Strawberry Rose Raw Chocolate Tart
Strawberry Scone
Strawberry Madeleine
[Third tier]
Colorful Vegetable Verrine
Chicken & Tomato Croissant Sandwich
7 kinds of vegetable quiche
[Separate dish]
Strawberry French toast
+2 drinks

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This was actually my first time to experience afternoon tea in Japan.
I ordered "cocoa" for my first cup. The aroma of cocoa was very subtle.
For my second cup, I ordered my favorite drink, ginger ale.

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Maybe I am going to be asked what was the best, so I'll answer first.
That is all the dishes here(haha)
But since it was sweet, I should have allocated the time properly to have them....
(We were so engrossed in taking pictures that we couldn't eat slowly afterwards (cried).

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Unfortunately, what I realized after I left is that if you post a picture on Instagram with #CafeCascade, a coupon you can use for this course, you'll get 5% off all items, so make sure you all post on Instagram too! And please be sure to allocate your time well and take it slow and talk to your friends while you're at it!

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About a week later, I enjoyed another afternoon tea. It was at a restaurant called Kobacoffe.
January 27, Kobacoffe
The second restaurant I went to was Kobacoffe.

Mini koba afternoon tea
2,000 yen per person (1 set) (tax included)
Swan cream puffs - Assorted strawberries
Two kinds of macaroons ・Coffee tiramisu
Coffee tiramisu ・Coffee jelly
Chiffon cake ・Scone ・Potato sandwich
One drink is included in each set.

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Especially you girls who like to dress up, I recommend you to choose the 2nd floor seating renewal when you make your reservations!
(In fact, when you enter, it was really more romantic than the pictures you searched for, as the sunlight was a little dazzling from outside.)
Of course, there are tables on the first floor, but there's something different about spending time in a different kind of comfortable hanging chair!

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I tried not to make the mistake I made last week of taking too many pictures, but I ended up spending too much time talking with my friend this time and not enough time eating.
I will make sure to eat more slowly the next time or the third time.
And, unlike in other countries, you can't just drop by and experience afternoon tea in Japan, so please make reservations in advance!
If you want to spend a day in a little style during this period, let's go and enjoy the SNS-worthy afternoon tea in Kurashiki~!

Reporter: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh  

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