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Midwest of Okayama, Bitchu-Matsuyama Castle
(Castle in the sky)

Located in Takahashi City (Okayama Prefecture), Bitchu-Matsuyama Castle is among the 12 remaining castle towers in Japan. The castle tower was rebuilt in Edo period, and it is the only original mountaintop castle in Japan at an elevation of 430 meters.

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From the top of the tower, we can enjoy a 360’ panoramic view across the downtown of Takahashi City and beautiful nature scenes.

During the colder months, particularly from September to April, the castle is usually surrounded and floating in the sea of clouds in the early morning, and it is possible to contemplate it from an observatory in a nearby mountain. Therefore, it is known as “Castle in the sky”.

Unfortunately, I went there around June and couldn’t see this spectacular view of the castle.

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Since the place has a lot of greenery, it would be a suitable destination for relaxation and appreciating nature with family and friends. While it takes time to reach the top of the castle, it can be an opportunity to challenge your strength and enjoy the hike.

- April ~ September: 9:00 - 17:30
- October - March: 9:00 -16:30

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- From Okayama Station, it takes approximately 1 hour to Bichu-Takahashi Station by Hakubi line.

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The mountain trail is kind of like this, and it is perfect for those who love hiking.

Written by Kha Nguyen

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Copyright Okayama Prefectural Tourism Federation. All Right Reserved.

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