Experience nature and modern art! Inujima

Experience nature and modern art! Inujimaの画像

Be enchanted by the artwork that blends into the island's landscape! Inujima, floating in the Seto Inland Sea, is famous as an island of contemporary art. There are many things to see, including a facility that preserves and regenerates the remains of a copper smelter from the Meiji era, and an artistic space created by a famous architect that is in harmony with nature. In addition to detailed information on art spots, we will also introduce useful information such as how to enjoy the island and how to access it.


Inujima Seirensho Art Museum

A project with an awareness of a recycling-oriented society based on “heritage, architecture, art, and the environment”

This museum preserves and restores the remains of a copper smelter on Inujima. The museum was built based on the concept of ``utilizing what exists and creating what doesn't exist,'' leaving the existing chimneys and karami bricks intact, and is an eco-friendly building that utilizes natural energy sources such as the sun and geothermal heat. On display are Yukinori Yanagi's works based on Yukio Mishima, who sounded the alarm on Japan's modernization. It has been designated as one of the ``Modern Industrial Heritage Group 33'' as the remains that played an innovative role in the process of Japan's industrial development.

Inujima “House Project”

An artistic space that blends into the beautiful island village

In the village of Inujima, a gallery and artworks are open to the public for special exhibitions, with the hope that ``people can feel the beautiful scenery in their daily lives and the familiar nature that extends beyond the artworks.'' The galleries dotted around the village are made of a variety of materials, including the tiled roofs of former private houses, old materials, transparent acrylic, and aluminum that reflects the surrounding landscape.

Inujima Living Botanical Garden

Experience the joy of living with nature, rooted in the island's climate and culture.

The Inujima Living Botanical Garden is a renovated site of approximately 4,500 square meters, centered on a glass house that had not been used for a long time, and is rooted in the climate and culture of Inujima. Rather than a completed botanical garden that you can tour, we cultivate the land together with the people of the island and visitors, immerse ourselves in the cycles of nature, and live in harmony with nature while being self-sufficient in everything from food to energy. It is a place where you can experience joy.

How to enjoy Inujima

There are many photogenic landscapes on the island.

As you stroll through the island's peaceful atmosphere, you'll encounter wonderful scenery. There are many spots scattered around that make you want to take photos, such as 20 stone chairs arranged overlooking the Seto Inland Sea called ``Sketch'' and a giant dog art piece known as ``Inujima no Shima Dog.'' Masu. ``Inujima Chicken Curry'', which can be enjoyed while looking out at the sea at an old folk house-style cafe, is popular.

How to access Inujima

Approximately 10 minutes by boat from Hoden Port to Inujima

How to get from Okayama to Inujima 1: Head to Hoden Port, where the regular ferry terminal for Inujima is located.
JR Okayama Station → JR Saidaiji Station (approx. 18 minutes) → Saihoden bus stop (approx. 35 minutes) → Walk (approx. 5 minutes) Arrive at Hoden Port JR Okayama Station → Saidaiji Bus Center (approx. 35 minutes) → Saihoden bus stop (approx. 35 minutes) → Walk (approx. 5 minutes) Arrival at Hoden Port *Bus bound for Saihoden only runs on days when Inujima Seirensho Art Museum is open *1 round-trip service Bound: Saidaiji Bus Center (10:15 departure) → JR Saidaiji Station (departs at 10:20) → Saihoden (arrives at 10:45) Connects to the regular ferry departing from Hoden Port at 11:00
Return: Saihoden (departing at 15:55) → → Kannon-in entrance → JR Saidaiji Station (arriving at 16:20) → Saidaiji Bus Center (arriving at 16:25) Regular bus departing from Inujima Port at 15:35 (arriving at Hoden Port at 15:45) Connect with ship

2: Take a regular boat from Hoden Port and arrive at Inujima in about 10 minutes.

3: When you arrive at Inujima, don't forget to gather information about the island at the ticket center at the port and check the timetable for your return boat!

Take a trip from Inujima to Naoshima and Teshima, and pay attention to the Setouchi International Art Festival, which is a must-see for art lovers!

In addition to Inujima, the Seto Inland Sea is dotted with other islands where you can appreciate contemporary art. We also recommend taking a boat trip to islands such as Naoshima and Teshima. You can feel like you're on a little cruise. Additionally, the Setouchi International Art Festival, held once every three years, is a must-see event for art fans.

Setouchi Triennale

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