About Okayama

Okayama is located in the heart of Western Japan and offers smooth access to many major tourist destinations.

Conveniently Located between the Popular Tourist Destinations of Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima!

Transportation access to Okayama

"Okayama, the land of sunshine"

hroughout the year, Okayama is blessed with minimal rain and a mild climate, earning it the nickname the “Land of Sunshine.”

Fruit Kingdom Okayama

Grown in Okayama’s sun-soaked earth, the local fruits offer unparalleled flavor, fragrance, and sweetness.
Come and taste Okayama’s seasonal fruits, from white peaches to Muscat and Pione grapes!
Grape picking
Peach picking
fruit parfait

If you’d like to pick grapes, and then eat them on the spot to your heart’s content, don’t miss visiting the many fruit farms Okayama has to offer. Various plans are available.

About grape picking

If you’d like to pick peaches, and then eat them on the spot to your heart’s content, don’t miss visiting the many fruit farms Okayama has to offer. Various plans are available.

About peach picking

Many of Okayama’s hotels, cafes, and restaurants offer a wide variety of parfaits topped with seasonal fruits.

Fruit special feature

Let's experience Japanese history and culture

Okayama Prefecture is dotted with buildings that bring the landscape of historic Japan to life as well as beautiful tourist spots that offer untouched landscapes.
Experience Japanese culture through matcha (green tea) and dressing up in kimonos.
Okayama Korakuen/Okayama Castle
Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

Michelin Green Guide Japan ★★★ / ★
With such features as a pond, a plum grove, a tea plantation, and a Noh Stage, this circuit-style garden is packed with various attractions that visitors can enjoy along their stroll. The view from atop Yuishinzan Hill, the hill overlooking the garden, is one such must-see highlight. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy a combined tour of both the garden and Okayama Castle towering on the opposite shore of the garden’s pond.

Michelin Green Guide Japan ★★
Lined with white-walled kura (storehouses), residences, and kominka (traditional houses), the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter harmonizes history with modern life in a calm elegance for a truly impressive experience. Visitors can get a hands-on experience of Japanese culture by donning kimonos before striking out and by enjoying the tastes of washoku (Japanese cuisine).

A Rich Variety of Natural Attractions

 In northern Okayama, visitors can enjoy beautiful nature by experiencing a wide variety of natural landscapes that change with the seasons, and numerous onsen (hot springs).In southern Okayama, the many beautiful islands dotting the Setonaikai (The Inland Sea) and the sun setting among the waves are just a few of the superb views visitors can find.  

Only Found in Okayama, Only Possible in Okayama

From the world-famous paintings found in the Ohara Museum of Art to the enjoyable island art tours to cycling, factory tours, and so much more, there’s plenty to do in Okayama!

Good Food, Fun Activities, Beautiful Sights

 The best part of any trip to Okayama is the one-of-a-kind dishes and souvenirs that can’t be found anywhere else.
You’re sure to find lots of gifts you’ll want to take home and lots of experiences you’ll want to brag about.  


The Peach Mark is the Muslim Friendly Mark used in Okayama City, Maniwa City, and Kibichuo Town to provide information on products and services that refrain from using pork by-products and alcohol. These products and services also have features that are helpful for non-Japanese, such as English ingredient lists, English menus, and English language services.

 Do you know?In Okayama, there is a group “Muslim Network” with members originate from Indonesia and Malaysia. At this time, we went on a day trip with around 20 Indonesian students members of Muslim Network to experience snow!  

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(Fatimah Zahratunnisa / Instagram account @icazahra) or commonly called Icha is a singer-songwriter who was born in Indonesia and now lives in Japan, has enjoyed a 3 days 4 nights holiday in Okayama!Through Icha’s vacation videos, how about if you also try to experience a vacation in Okayama?

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Let's take a look at the video of "Okayama, the Land of Sunshine."