Specialty/Local gourmet food

Okayama's local gourmet food is rich in variety, including Hiruzen Yakisoba, Tsuyama Hormone Udon, Hinase Kakioko, and Okayama Demi-katsudon!
Please enjoy the special taste loved by locals.

Fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea

Spanish mackerel, which heralds spring in the Seto Inland Sea, and Hinase oysters are especially famous. Introducing the seafood of Setouchi that can be enjoyed within the prefecture!

Meat dishes boasting seasoning ingredients

Even meat lovers will be satisfied with the Okayama-style Western-style pork cutlet bowl and the ``Chiya Beef'', also known as the legendary Kuroge Wagyu beef!

A wide variety of noodle dishes

Taste the local ``soba'', ``udon'', and ``ramen'' that are rooted in the region and have created unique flavors.

Fruit Kingdom Okayama

The fruits of Okayama, which grow under the sun in a sunny country, have the best aroma and sweetness!

Other recommended gourmet foods and ingredients

Tasty Okayama sake born from clear streams

Delicious sake made with good rice, good water, and good techniques.