Enjoy parfait from Fruit Kingdom Okayama♪

Enjoy parfait from Fruit Kingdom Okayama♪の画像

Okayama is known as the "Kingdom of Fruits". Okayama, the land of sunshine, has a warm climate, and many delicious fruits such as white peaches, muscats, and piones are grown there. Of course it's delicious to eat raw, but the ``fruit parfait'' served with ice cream and sauce is exquisite.


``Okayama, the city of fruit parfaits''

Okayama City promotes local fruits as the ``Fruit Parfait City''. There are many shops that offer parfaits with unique tastes and appearances, and you can enjoy unique fruit parfaits at hotels, cafes, pastry shops, etc. It is also attractive that the fruit toppings change depending on the season. The official website has a list of shops in each area of ​​the city. There is also a map so please refer to it♪

Fruit parfait city Okayama official website

We've picked out some shops where you can pick fruit and eat parfait!

There is also a cafe attached. A fruit garden where you can enjoy seasonal flavors

You can also enjoy sweets such as additive-free soft serve ice cream and waffles made with 100% Nishiawakura milk.

The largest comprehensive tourist farm in Chugoku and Shikoku

You can go peach picking and strawberry picking! Experience-based tourist farm

Kurashiki afternoon tea

``Kurashiki Afternoon Tea,'' a Kurashiki-style take on ``Afternoon Tea,'' an elegant tea ceremony that originated in England where you enjoy tea with light snacks and sweets, will be held at stores in Kurashiki City. We always use seasonal fruits from Okayama, such as ``peaches or grapes'' in the summer, and ``strawberries'' in the winter. In the winter version, you can enjoy sweets and snacks made with strawberries grown in Okayama Prefecture, and not only do they look great on Instagram, but they are also plentiful. In addition, at all stores, the drink comes with 2 drinks, free refills, or served in a pot. Enjoy a slightly luxurious tea time filled with the uniqueness of Kurashiki.

Kurashiki Afternoon Tea Official Website

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