Peach picking experience in Okayama, the fruit kingdom

Peach picking experience in Okayama, the fruit kingdomの画像

Peach picking in Okayama Prefecture is possible from late June to early September. Please come and enjoy the summer delicacies of Okayama, the fruit kingdom. Introducing the history of peach cultivation in Okayama, varieties and characteristics, and souvenirs and sweets made with peaches! You can also purchase freshly picked peaches at roadside stations and farmers' markets in the prefecture.


History of peach growing in Okayama

Okayama's nationally renowned "brand fruit" is characterized by its elegant white skin and elegant sweetness.

 Okayama's ``white peach'' stands out as a high-quality fruit for gift giving. Okayama's white peach was born in the Meiji period, originating from the peaches "Tianjin Suimitsu" and "Shanghai Suimitsu" that were imported from China during the Meiji period. Thanks to the efforts of Masuta Koyama, the ``father of fruit cultivation'' in Okayama, and Jugoro Okubo, who created the white peach, beautiful white peaches with an elegant sweetness are still produced today. Okayama Prefecture is also said to be the hometown of Momotaro, and peach blossoms are designated as the prefectural flower.

Varieties and characteristics of Okayama peaches

When you think of Okayama peaches, you think of ``white peaches''.
The harvest period for peaches is only about two weeks for each variety, and the season begins in late June to August. Starting with early ripening peaches "Akatsuki" and "Hikawa Hakuho", "Shimizu Hakuto" is the representative Okayama white peach born in Ichinomiya (Shimizu), Okayama City, "Okayama Yume Hakuto" is a large peach with high sugar content and was born in Okayama City, and Okayama Hakupeach. You can enjoy different varieties depending on the season, such as ``Hakurei,'' which decorates the final stage of the season.

Until the peach is made

The secret to the whiteness of Okayama white peaches is the ``bag cultivation'' unique to Okayama.
By growing each peach in a bag, it protects the peaches from rain, wind, and insects, allowing them to grow into translucent white, juicy, and smooth-tasting peaches. Pruning is done around January to February, thinning of buds is done in March, and hybridization is done around early April. Bagging takes place from late May to late June, and the harvest time varies depending on the variety, with harvest starting in late June.

A farm where you can pick peaches

Tomomien (Akaiwa City)

Yoshii Farm (Akaiwa City)

Ohara Tourist Orchard (Niimi City)

Buy peaches at a direct sales store

During peach season, freshly picked white peaches are lined up at farm markets, roadside stations, and JA farmers' markets in Okayama Prefecture. Some items can be purchased in small quantities, and they are more affordable than gifts, so be sure to stop by. *Please contact each store for information on available varieties and timings.

List of direct sales stores in Okayama Prefecture

Delicious way to eat peaches

◎The most delicious part
It is said that the part between the skin and the fruit of a peach is the most delicious. Therefore, it is important to peel the skin as thinly as possible. The best way to eat soft peaches is to chill them in the refrigerator for 30 to 60 minutes without using a knife, then peel them by hand.

◎How to eat hard peaches deliciously
hard peaches, insert the knife until you reach the seed, like when cutting an avocado, rotate it around once, then hold the top and bottom of the peach and gently twist it. . Divide into two, remove the seeds, peel and eat. You can also imitate the process of peeling a tomato by soaking it in boiling water for about 10 seconds, then cooling it in ice water.The skin will then peel off, allowing you to enjoy the delicious parts.

◎Be careful not to chill it too much
Be careful not to chill the peaches too much, as you won't be able to taste their sweetness. It is best to put it in the refrigerator 30 to 60 minutes before eating to enjoy its sweetness.

◎Delicious ways to carve
The hollow parts with branches are less sweet, so we recommend cutting them lengthwise. It contains both sweet and sweet parts, making it delicious on average.

Sweets and souvenirs using peaches

peach parfait

Okayama Prefecture is known as a fruit kingdom with the highest production of Shimizu white peach, Muscat, and Pione in Japan. Okayama City is known as the ``Fruit Parfait City,'' where you can enjoy fruit parfaits made with fresh, seasonal fruit throughout the year at approximately 30 stores in the city. During the white peach harvest season, parfaits made with whole white peaches may also be available.

white peach jelly

A white peach jelly that uses plenty of peach half balls to seal in the melt-in-your-mouth pulp. The fresh taste makes it popular for both home use and gift giving.

high quality canned fruit

A high-quality canned fruit containing one and a half whole pieces of Okayama's representative peach, "Shimizu White Peach." The season for peaches is short, but canned peaches can be enjoyed anytime.

white peach liqueur

White peach liqueur, which is made by soaking peaches in shochu, is sweet and easy to drink, making it popular among women.

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