``Kurashiki Canvas'' is a new form created with natural materials, traditional techniques, and the spirit of craftsmanship.

``Kurashiki Canvas'' is a new form created with natural materials, traditional techniques, and the spirit of craftsmanship.の画像

``Kurashiki canvas'' is a new form created using natural materials, traditional techniques, and the spirit of craftsmanship, using canvas from Kurashiki, which boasts the highest production volume in Japan.


Kurashiki canvas has its origins in cotton cultivation during the Edo period and boasts the highest production volume in Japan.

Kurashiki City, which is a large polder, began cultivating salt-resistant cotton in the Edo period and became a major cotton producer. It is said that the production of Kokura obi cloth using cotton began to flourish, and that the technique of twisting threads was refined.

Since the beginning of the Meiji era, when canvas factories began operating using the yarn twisting techniques cultivated up to that time, canvas from Kurashiki has been used throughout the country as a variety of daily necessities and industrial goods. Currently, about 70% of domestically produced canvas is produced in Kurashiki.

We offer bags made from tasteful canvas woven using old-style shuttle looms.

After the Meiji era, when canvas began to be made in Kurashiki City, for a long time the canvas was simply a nameless "white fabric."The name "Kurashiki canvas" was given to the canvas by the Heisei era, with the investment cooperation of two major canvas textile companies in Kurashiki. "Viston Co., Ltd." was established in 2003. While many canvas manufacturers use foreign fabrics, we offer a variety of bags using our own 100% cotton canvas.

One of them is the ``Selvedge Tote'', which is simple and useful for everyday use. The material is canvas woven using a shuttle loom that has been used carefully even after it went out of production in the 1960s. The simple design that makes use of selvedge, which is called the selvage of textiles, is popular regardless of age. Beautifully arranged selvedge is proof of first-class canvas.

Carefully made canvas products with the pride of "MADE IN KURASHIKI"

Our manufacturing started with bags that take advantage of the characteristics of canvas, which has both a traditional texture and strength, and has now expanded to a wide range of products, from coasters and other household goods and kitchen goods to interior items such as chair seats.

All products are carefully hand-spun by craftsmen and are durable enough to withstand hard use. In addition to the texture of natural cotton, it also has an attractive texture that increases the more you use it.

Add color to your life with warm items created with traditional techniques and love for canvas.

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