Okayama Prefecture's official multilingual tourism website has been renewed!

Okayama Prefecture's official multilingual tourism website has been renewed!の画像

- Significantly strengthen our information dissemination capabilities by collaborating with Japan's largest inbound media for the first time! -


The prefecture's multilingual tourism site "Explore Okayama" has been completely renewed!

A multilingual tourism website that is an important tool for disseminating Okayama Prefecture's tourism information to overseas countries.

We would like to inform you that "Explore Okayama, the Land of Sunshine" has been completely renewed.

In this renewal, as the first attempt on an official prefecture website, we have collaborated with a major web media that is popular among tourists visiting Japan, significantly strengthening our ability to disseminate information, and making reservations for high-value-added activities and tours available on the site. We have also incorporated new features such as the ability to make payments.

In the future, we will use this website to further improve awareness of Okayama Prefecture, increase the desire to visit, and expand tourism consumption.


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