[2024] What is Okayama's spring festival "Okayama Sakura Carnival"? When will it be held this year? Will there be food stalls? Introducing attractions and access

[2024] What is Okayama's spring festival "Okayama Sakura Carnival"? When will it be held this year? Will there be food stalls? Introducing attractions and accessの画像

``Okayama Sakura Carnival'' is held on the Asahikawa Riverbed in the center of Okayama City, close to famous tourist spots such as Okayama Korakuen and Okayama Castle. The annual spring event, which has been held since 1986 to coincide with the blooming of cherry blossoms, attracts approximately 70,000 visitors each year to allow Okayama residents to enjoy cherry blossom viewing to the fullest. In this article, we will explain this year's event schedule, highlights, stall information, access, etc.


Overview of the 2024 Okayama Sakura Carnival

Date and time: Friday, March 29th, 2024 to Sunday, April 7th, 2024, 10:00-21:00

Venue: Asahikawa riverbank (East side of Okayama Korakuen / between Horaibashi and Aioibashi)

Admission: Free

Contact: 086-803-8015 (Okayama Sakura Carnival Executive Committee)

*For inquiries during the event, please contact: 090-8719-9744 (local headquarters)

Highlights of the Okayama Sakura Carnival

[A row of Somei-Yoshino cherry trees stretches for about 1km!]

The venue is about 400 meters long between Horaibashi Bridge and Aioibashi Bridge over Asahikawa River. About 250 Somei-Yoshino cherry trees are planted over a distance of about 1 km in this area, and when they are in full bloom, you can enjoy the shower of cherry blossoms up close.

[The combination of cherry blossoms in full bloom and the castle is a must-see!]

Okayama Castle is located across from the venue, between Asahikawa and Okayama Korakuen, and there are various viewing spots where you can see the castle over the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

[You can also enjoy the illuminations after sunset!]

From sunset until 9 p.m., the cherry blossoms are lit up with spotlights and paper lanterns. The fantastical scenery is different from that during the day and is a must-see.

Will there be food stalls?

During the event, approximately 50 food and drink stalls will be set up on the riverbank.

A wide variety of gourmet foods, from classics to Okayama flavors

You can enjoy standard festival foods such as fried chicken, potatoes, beef skewers, oven-baked pizza, Chiya beef ramen, Hinase oysters, local beer, and local sake, as well as local gourmet foods unique to Okayama.

There are sweets like crepes and chocolate bananas, as well as food you can eat while walking around. There are also fun things to do, like colored balls and goldfish scooping!

Is there parking at the venue?

There is no private parking, so please use public transportation such as buses and trams. Okayama Korakuen Garden is also a short walk away.

Are there toilets at the venue?

During the event, temporary toilets will be set up within the venue. There are men's and women's toilets on both ends of the food stall booths.


Please observe proper etiquette when viewing cherry blossoms. The trash cans within the venue are for food stalls only. Please be sure to take home any trash from sheets, charcoal, bento boxes, food, and drinks you brought with you.

How do I get to the Okayama Sakura Carnival?


Bus: Take the bus from the JR Okayama Station East Exit (Korakuen Exit) bus stop (No. 1) for about 15 minutes, get off at "Korakuen-mae", and walk for a short distance to Horaibashi. Tram: Take the tram bound for "Higashiyama" from the "Okayama Ekimae" tram stop for about 5 minutes, get off at "Joka", and walk for about 10 minutes to Horaibashi.

When is the best time to see the flowers in 2024?

Okayama Prefecture's official tourism website, "Okayama Tourism WEB," provides information on the current cherry blossom blooming situation at cherry blossom spots in the prefecture. Check out "Asahikawa Sakuramichi" to see the current cherry blossom blooming situation at the Okayama Sakura Carnival venue!

Cherry blossoms in Okayama Prefecture

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