Enjoy cherry blossoms until late April! The spectacular double cherry blossom tunnel at Rashomon Sakura Park

Enjoy cherry blossoms until late April! The spectacular double cherry blossom tunnel at Rashomon Sakura Parkの画像

This time, I went to Rashomon Sakura Park in Niimi City. As various types of cherry blossoms that bloom at different times are planted here, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms for a long period from late March to late April. Why not go and see the spectacular tunnel of double cherry blossoms? (Some past photos are used)


What is Rashomon Sakura Park?

Rashomon Sakura Park is located near Rashomon, a nationally designated natural monument in Niimi City. There are about 700 cherry trees of 10 different varieties that bloom in sequence until late April, allowing you to enjoy them for a long period of time. When you think of cherry blossoms, you probably think of white or pink, but there are also rare varieties such as the yellowish Ukon and the greenish Gyoiko.

Run by local people

This beautiful park is actually run by local people called the "Rashomon Preservation Society." We spoke to the chairman of the group. "Rashomon Sakura Park" is a shared piece of land for local people, and between 2009 and 2015, the "Rashomon Preservation Society" planted the cherry trees, and has been caring for them, weeding, pruning, and preventing insects. They said they want to protect them for 10, 20, or even 50 years to come. It's clear to see how the locals are lovingly and cherishing the cherry trees and protecting them.

You can enjoy the cherry blossoms at Rashomon Sakura Park for free, but these beautiful cherry blossoms are protected thanks to the efforts of many local residents. There is a donation box at the entrance to the park, so please help out.

Pale and fantastical Somei-Yoshino cherry blossoms

Going up the slope to the left of the entrance, you will find a pale white, fantastical world! The Somei-Yoshino cherry trees were 70% in bloom when I visited. Maybe it was because it was a cloudy day. This was a beautiful white space, like a fairy tale world. The blue sky and cherry blossoms on a sunny day are nice, but the cherry blossoms on a cloudy day are also beautiful.

White bench

There are benches set up so you can sit and take your time to enjoy the view. If you sit down and take a photo, it will create a nice atmosphere. These benches have also been prepared by the "Rashomon Preservation Society" for the enjoyment of visitors. This year, they have also purchased and installed new red umbrellas and benches covered with scarlet carpets.

Illumination of Somei-Yoshino cherry trees

At night, the Somei-Yoshino cherry trees show off their gorgeous beauty. The lights were set up one by one in the evening to light them up. Watching the deep navy blue sky and the white-pink cherry blossoms is truly a spring evening worth a thousand gold coins.

(The weather is fine on a spring evening, and no amount of money could replace its joy and beauty.)

It's thanks to the hard work of the local people that we can enjoy such beautiful cherry blossoms at night. Thank you!

The Kanzan (double cherry blossoms) in late April are a sight to behold!

Starting with Yoshino cherry blossoms in early April, the cherry blossoms bloom one after another, but the tunnel of double cherry blossoms that bloom at the end is a spectacular sight! They are a variety called Kanzan, and have large, vivid pink flowers. You won't find such a beautiful tunnel of double cherry blossoms anywhere else! This is a spectacular view that can only be seen at Rashomon Sakura Park.

Kanzan Light-up

Kanzan will also be lit up. Different from the whiteness of Somei-Yoshino, these cute double-flowered cherry trees look like pink pompoms. They stand on both sides of the road, reaching out their hands to welcome visitors. Not only will the cherry blossoms be lit up, but bamboo-crafted lighting will also be installed.

Rashomon Cherry Blossom Festival

The currently ongoing "Rashomon Sakura Festival" also offers guided tours of Rashomon and local specialty sales, so there's plenty to enjoy besides cherry blossom viewing! There are days when the gate is not lit up, so please check the link for details.

Event period: March 31st (Sun) to April 29th (Mon, holiday), 2024

Illumination period: March 30th (Sat) - April 28th (Sun) 2024

Illumination times: 18:00-20:00

*There may be days when the event is not held. *Cancelled in case of rain.

Click here for details

During the weekends of the "Rashomon Sakura Festival", there will be a lot of food stalls, food trucks, and events. There will also be udon noodles, baked sweet potatoes, and big, piping hot takoyaki!

Let's go to Rashomon too!

If you visit Rashomon Sakura Park, be sure to also visit the nearby Rashomon. It's about a 5-minute walk from the parking lot. On the opposite side of the parking lot entrance, there is a path leading to Rashomon.

As you go further, you will come across a sign showing the way, so turn right and go down the narrow road. There are slopes and stairs, and some places are slippery, so please be careful on the way.

Stone gate, a nationally designated natural monument

"Rashomon", which is also designated as a national natural monument, is a natural stone gate about 40 meters high. Its size is overwhelming! You can feel the mysticism of nature in the huge rock arch.

There is also an observation deck overlooking "Rashomon". Listening to the cries of the Japanese bush warblers, it was a moment of feeling the greatness of nature. If you go to "Rashomon Sakura Park", please stop by. During the Sakura Festival, there is also a "Rashomon Guided Tour" that opens up the closed areas around "Rashomon" to the public. Applications are required, so please refer to the link for details.

Click here for details

Location and access to "Rashomon Sakura Park"

Address: 4484-1 Kusama, Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture

TEL: 0867-74-9001 (Kusamadai Eco Museum Center *Weekdays only during the day)

Access (by car): About 30 minutes from Niimi IC on the Chugoku Expressway. Directions will appear along the way. Please be careful as the road is narrow in places. If possible, come on a weekday to avoid having to drive by cars.

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This year, a new parking lot has been added, so you can enjoy the event at your own pace without worry.

in conclusion

What did you think of Rashomon Sakura Park? You can enjoy the cherry blossoms for a few weeks even after the cherry blossoms in the city have fallen. The tunnel of double cherry blossoms is a beauty you won't find anywhere else. If you still want to enjoy the cherry blossoms, be sure to visit!

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