Kurashiki's Achi Shrine, home to the best wisteria in Japan, also has cute amulets and special goshuin stamps that you can't miss!

Kurashiki's Achi Shrine, home to the best wisteria in Japan, also has cute amulets and special goshuin stamps that you can't miss!の画像

This time, I visited Achi Shrine, located in the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter. Achi Shrine is home to the largest Akebono wisteria tree in Japan, Achi no Fuji, which is currently in full bloom. I will also introduce you to the very cute charms and limited-time goshuin stamps that are unique to Achi Shrine.


What is "Achi Shrine"?

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter is one of the most popular tourist spots in Okayama Prefecture. Achi Shrine, located in one corner of the area, enshrines the three Munakata Goddesses: Tagirihime, Tagitsuhime, and Ichikishimahime.

[Achi Shrine]

Address: 12-1 Honmachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture


Achi Shrine is located at the top of Mount Tsurugata, located in the north of Kurashiki's scenic area. Pass through the torii gate and start climbing. The first staircase has 88 steps. It is called "Beijuzaka."

Flower water fountain

As we went up the stairs, we found that the water basin had been turned into a gorgeous flower water basin. The colorful seasonal flowers, such as azaleas, will cleanse your mind as well as your eyes.

Zuishinmon Gate with rabbit carvings

Once you reach the top of the stairs and look up at the Zuishinmon Gate, you'll see a rabbit! Its long ears are charming. This is one of the attractions unique to Achi Shrine. There is also a rabbit sculpture on the other side, so be sure to check it out.

The worship hall with a tiled roof

Once you pass through the Zuishinmon Gate, you will see the worship hall, so please make your bow. There is a beautiful tiled roof and a large shimenawa rope!

A magnificent shimenawa rope

What a beautiful shimenawa! When you look at the tassels from below, they form a pattern.

Japan's largest Akebono Fuji tree, "Achi no Fuji"

At Achi Shrine, there is a wisteria called Akebono Fuji, which is said to be the largest wisteria tree in Japan. It is 300 to 500 years old and is a prefecture designated natural monument. At one time it was dying, but a project to revive it was successful, and it now produces magnificent flowers. The pale purple petals were graceful and beautiful.

When I visited, a Wisteria Viewing Event was being held and a tea ceremony was held under the Achi wisteria trellis.

There was even a performance of gagaku music. Listening to the elegant music, tasting the delicious matcha green tea, and admiring the pretty wisteria... it was a truly luxurious moment.

If you climb the stairs to the right of the wisteria trellis, you can view the wisteria from above. Most wisteria are viewed from above, so being able to see them from above is a rare sight. You can see the wisteria looking fluffy, unlike usual.

View of Kurashiki's townscape from Emadono

From the Emadono Hall, you can get a panoramic view of Kurashiki's cityscape. The contrast between the sacred and tranquil shrine and the bustling cityscape below makes you feel as if you are in a different world.

This is the view from the Emadono Hall. At this time of year, the cherry blossoms had only leaves, but in cherry blossom season, the view will be even more beautiful.

Goshuin and omamori charms are available at the shrine office.

Once you have finished praying, you can receive a goshuin (stamp) at the shrine office located to the right after entering through the Zuishinmon Gate.

There was a rabbit at the Suishinmon Gate, but here there is a cute illustration in the style of the Choju Jinbutsu Giga paintings!

Lots of cute charms!

In addition to the goshuin stamps, the shrine office also sells charms and fortune slips. There are so many cute charms that it's hard to choose!

A fortune slip that you'll want to try

The fortune slips are also cute! There were many types of fortune slips that you would want to try, such as the "glass bead fortune slip" and the "pigeon fortune slip."

Cute charms and limited edition goshuin

These are the goshuin and omamori I received this time. The limited goshuin, which has been distributed since April 1, 2024, is embossed with gold leaf and is shiny and beautiful! Achi Shrine sometimes distributes limited goshuin, so you'll want to visit again and again. The lace omamori, or flower-wrapped talisman, is also so delicate and cute! The lace has a wisteria motif, which is a staple of Achi Shrine, and the end of the string has a heart motif and a three-pronged clover pattern.

Message from the chief priest

We spoke to the chief priest, who told us that the reason they offer such cute charms and special goshuin is because they want young people to become interested in shrines.

"I hope that everyone who visits enjoys the shrine. Re-roofing of the main hall at Achi Shrine was completed in March 2024. You will enjoy your visit even more if you pay attention to the structure of the buildings and the carvings unique to each shrine," he said.

There is a turtle on the roof of this worship hall. It's fun to look at the details, such as the rabbit carvings on the Zuishinmon Gate, and discover all sorts of interesting things. I hope that shrines, a Japanese tradition, will become an attractive place for young people and be preserved for future generations.

Streets around "Achi Shrine"

The area around Achi Shrine has a historic feel to it, so it's fun to stroll around. There are also cafes and restaurants, so if you get hungry, be sure to stop by.

in conclusion

What did you think? I couldn't introduce everything, but when I visited, the annual "Wisteria Viewing Event" was being held, and many events were taking place, including an exhibition of Japanese swords and a craft class. This year's "Wisteria Viewing Event" has ended, but the wisteria will continue to grow more beautiful and reach their peak from now on. In addition to the "Achi Wisteria" that I introduced, there were also wisteria trellises that had not yet bloomed, so you can still enjoy the wisteria.

Please be sure to visit the charming Achi Shrine!

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