Okayama's best hydrangea garden! Photogenic "Misaki Flower Garden"

Okayama's best hydrangea garden! Photogenic "Misaki Flower Garden"の画像

Hydrangeas add color to the rainy season. We introduce Misaki Flower Garden, where 20,000 hydrangeas reach their peak in late June.


Misaki Flower Garden

Misaki Flower Garden covering 20 hectares (200,000 square meters). There are many mountain paths, so we recommend wearing sneakers. You can also bring your pet dog into the park, and we saw many cute dogs while walking around the park. If you have a dog, you can create wonderful memories together.

The hydrangea path just after entering the park

Unfortunately, it was raining on the day we took the photos, but as we entered the garden, we were greeted by colorful flowers and were excited to see what kind of hydrangeas were waiting for us! Near the base of the hydrangeas, there were signs with the name of each plant, such as "Good morning" or "Good day." Such friendly names.

Photogenic spot No. 1

The mountain slope is filled with hydrangeas! This is a photogenic spot with a garden table. You can take elegant photos with the gorgeous Misaki Flower Garden Kasanen sign in the background?

Annabelle's Garden

And the best part is the field of white Annabelle hydrangeas in bloom! They are large-flowered hydrangeas, so they are very impressive.

Photogenic spot No. 2

There is an aisle between the fields of Annabelle flowers, so if you take a photo from outside the Annabelle field you can get a photo surrounded by Annabelle flowers.

Pure white Annabelle. It has a simple yet large flower and is gorgeous!

Walking around the park

I walked along, drawn by the flowers. Blue, deep pink, and purple hydrangeas...I had no idea there was such a wonderful place!

Photogenic spot No. 3

Look! Here! Red, pink, purple, blue... so colorful! It's heart-pounding! Please stand on the stairs and take a photo surrounded by hydrangeas.

This is the view from the top of the stairs. On either side are colorful Japanese hydrangeas, and in the background are foreign Annabelle hydrangeas.

At the top of the stairs

There are hydrangeas up the stairs. There are also rare cone-shaped hydrangeas! This is a type of hydrangea that you won't see on the roadside.

Pink Annabelle's Garden

The soft pink Annabelle hydrangeas field. They are different from the white Annabelle hydrangeas and have a lovely and gentle charm. As it is very large, I tried taking a panoramic photo.

Pink Heart

Among them, I found a heart-shaped Annabelle! It's so cute with all its little petals (or more accurately, its sepals)!

Hydrangea Valley

They bloom in the lowlands between the mountains, creating a "valley of hydrangeas" that looks like a colorful painting on the canvas of nature.


Misaki Flower Garden is spacious and surrounded by nature, and even has a waterway running through it.

"Hydrangea Valley" Waterfall

Misaki Flower Garden has a difference in elevation, so there are several waterfalls. The hydrangeas look small in the photo, but when you see them in person, you can see the entire view! I hope you'll come and see them in person!

A different angle of the hydrangeas in "Hydrangea Valley." The colorful world is like a kaleidoscope.

I walked along the roads on both sides of the "Hydrangea Valley." As I walked up the slope, I was greeted by large hydrangeas, each as tall as me, standing on the side of the road.

Flower Paradise

Your eye will be drawn to the hydrangeas at eye level, but if you look up you will see hydrangeas blooming on the mountain slopes as well.

Lily Pond

There are two water lily ponds in the park. They look just like the "Water Lilies" painted by Monet! There is a bench in front of the pond near the Pink Annabelle Field. If you get tired from walking around, you can take a short break.

Such delicate petals! They look like thin waxwork.

Hydrangea Gallery

I was overwhelmed by the sight of so many hydrangeas in bloom, and each flower was beautiful, not just the whole. The hydrangeas were pale blue, fading and purplish, like the blurred colors of a watercolor painting.

I recently learned that the small round thing in the middle of a hydrangea is the flower, and the surrounding parts that look like flowers are the sepals.

If you look closely, you will see that the petals are surrounded by scallops (continuous semicircular decorations). They look delicate and pretty, like designs on clothing.

Rare Hydrangea

When we think of hydrangeas, we imagine four rounded, square-like sepals, but Misaki Flower Garden where you can encounter rare hydrangeas. This is a variety called "Dance Party." This one, with its thin, double-petaled sepals, is also a hydrangea.

This hydrangea is called "utaawase." Utaawase is a pastime for aristocrats that began in the early Heian period. It's elegant, isn't it?

This hydrangea is named "Konpeito Smile."

I found a hydrangea with a gradient of calyx from light blue to pink. It was fresh and lustrous. There are about 100 other kinds of hydrangeas, each with its own unique personality! Try to find your favorite hydrangea.

In the parking lot just outside the garden, cut flowers and potted hydrangeas are also on sale. Cut flowers are an incredible bargain at just 300 yen per bunch!

In addition to hydrangeas, Misaki Flower Garden also has wisteria, maples, and other seasonal flowers. Please come and see the magnificent hydrangeas for yourself!

[Misaki Flower Garden]

Address: 2822 Kita , Kume District-gun, Okayama Prefecture

TEL: 0867-27-9800

Admission fee: 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for children (elementary school students and above)

Parking: 200 cars, 10 buses

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