Head to the flower-filled mountain temple "Fumonji Temple." Hydrangea flower chozu (water basin) and limited-time hydrangea goshuin (red seal) are also available!

Head to the flower-filled mountain temple "Fumonji Temple." Hydrangea flower chozu (water basin) and limited-time hydrangea goshuin (red seal) are also available!の画像

At Fumonji Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture, known as the Flower Mountain Temple, hydrangeas are starting to bloom, and you can enjoy the beautiful blue color that is unique to Fumonji Temple. In addition, the Hydrangea Festival is being held until Sunday, June 23, 2024.


There are lots of events and attractions, such as flower water basins, special goshuin stamps, and food stalls. Why not visit Fumonji Temple to see the hydrangeas, which can be enjoyed until early July?

What is the Flower Mountain Temple "Fumonji"?

Fumonji Temple in Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture, is a historic temple founded by Kukai (Kobo Daishi) in 816. It is known as the "Flower Mountain Temple" and you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, day sedges, and azaleas. At this time of year, about 30 varieties of 3,000 hydrangeas are in full bloom.

As we walked up the stairs to the temple grounds, we were greeted by blue hydrangeas arranged in bamboo.

Fumonji Blue

These vibrant blue hydrangeas are called "Fumonji Blue." The color comes from the acidity of the soil.

Red and fresh green leaves

Go up the stairs and turn left to find the Niomon Gate. On the path leading to the gate, you can see red autumn leaves, creating a beautiful contrast with the fresh greenery.

The main hall and hydrangea art

Entering through the Niomon Gate, I prayed in the main hall. I was captivated by the hydrangea design drawn by illustrator wakico. The historic temple and modern design are in perfect harmony.

A refreshing display of hydrangeas

Real hydrangeas floating in a glass pot. Vivid blue, clear water. And the trees in the temple grounds reflected in reverse. It was the first time I had ever seen such a wonderful presentation.

Soothing flower water fountain

Soothing flower water basins. There were three of them! This is a flower water basin in front of Mizuko Jizo. The pale blue hydrangeas give off a gentle feeling.

Heart-shaped flower water basin

A heart-shaped floral water basin with a gradation effect. If you look closely, you'll see a snail.

"Fumonji Blue" Flower Water Purifier

This is a circular water basin with flower water. The sunlight reflects off the water, making it very beautiful! Ceramic balls that go well with the "Fumonji Blue" are also floating in the water, making it a unique water basin at Fumonji Temple. Each of these water basins is sure to purify your soul.

Limited time only hydrangea goshuin stamp

Limited time only! There were two types of special hydrangea goshuin stamps. I also got the hydrangea goshuin stamp.

Hydrangea patterned stamp book

The hydrangea-patterned goshuincho is unique to Fumonji Temple! The illustrations are by wakico., the same artist as the art in the main hall. Each goshuincho has a different cover design, making it a cute one.

Hydrangea Charm

There were lots of cute charms! This is one of them, the "Azusai" flower knot. There were also other charms with embroidery on organza fabric, and stylish charms made with upcycled leather and embroidery.

Hydrangea Stairs

Across the road from Fumonji Temple, there are stairs leading to the Hydrangea Garden and the "Nanairo Komichi" (Seven-Colored Path). The hydrangeas that have just started to bloom are coloring the sides of the stairs.

The best time to see "Nanairo Komichi" is now!

"Nanairo Komichi" is located halfway up the stairs. When I visited, the hydrangeas had just started to bloom, but I heard that the "Fumonji Blue" hydrangeas will bloom first around Fumonji Temple, and then the other colors of hydrangeas will bloom. Soon, the hydrangeas will be in full bloom in all sorts of colors.

Flowering Yamadera Hydrangea Festival

The Hydrangea Festival is currently being held. It was crowded with many people, including families with children and people with pets. There are many attractive events, such as food stalls, yukata rentals, and artists such as calligraphers visiting the temple! You can also have a yukata put on.

[Flowering Yamadera Hydrangea Festival]

Event period: Saturday, June 8th to Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

Time: 10:00-15:00

Location: Around Fumonji Temple

Click here for details

At the Hydrangea Festival, various shops will be opening stalls on a daily basis. Please check the official SNS account of Fumonji Temple for the dates of opening.

Flower Mountain Temple Fumonji | Instagram

I'll have some Lu Rou Fan!

After looking around the beautiful temple grounds and the hydrangeas, I got hungry so I had Lu Rou Fan. Apparently the rice used in Lu Rou Fan is the fragrant Maniwa rice "Princess Sally". It's similar to braised pork, but it's spicier than pork braised in this dish. It's so delicious that I can't stop eating it. The large bamboo shoots are well seasoned, and the plump seasoned egg goes really well with the rice.

Access and Parking

Are you worried about finding a place to park your car? Don't worry. They have a large parking lot. It was full when I visited, but a member of the Ueda Village Revitalization Association showed me another place and I was able to park right away.

[Flower Mountain Temple Fumonji Temple]

Address: 2127 Maniwa City

TEL: 0867-52-0739

Access (car): About 15 minutes from Ochiai IC on the Chugoku Expressway

Access (public): 15 minutes by taxi from JR Mimasaka Ochiai Station

Parking: Available

in conclusion

What did you think? This year, the hydrangeas seem to be blooming later than usual, so they will be in full bloom from now on. Please come and visit Fumonji Temple!

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