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12 december

Early December – Late December


Okayama City

Momotaro Fantasy is a regular winter event when the area surrounding Okayama Station is illuminated.…

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1 january

1st - 3rd

Okayama Korakuen Early Spring Festival

Okayama City

This festival is a regular event held during the New Year at Korakuen Garden. Visitors can enjoy Jap…

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2 february

Early February

Korakuen Grass Burning

Okayama City

To prevent insect damage and ensure even germination of the grass in spring, the lawn at Korakuen Ga…

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The 1st Saturday of the month

Ombara Kogen Hyomon Matsuri (Festival)

Kagamino Town

This festival welcomes visitors with a wide variety of snow statues decorating the snow and ski fiel…

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The 3rd Saturday of the month

Saidai-ji Temple Eyo (Naked Man Festival)

Okayama City

One of Japan’s three major eccentric festivals, it has been designated an Important Intangible…

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Late February – Early March

Kurashiki Hina Meguri (Hina Doll Festival)

Kurashiki City

Old and rare hina dolls are exhibited along streets in the shopping district, and in traditional-sty…

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Late February

Hinase Kaki Matsuri (Oyster Festival)

Bizen City

This Oyster Festival offers visitors a chance to eat freshly grilled oysters and try their hand at o…

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Copyright Okayama Prefectural Tourism Federation. All Right Reserved.

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