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6 june

Early June

Ohaganishi Tanada (Rice Terrace) Festival

Misaki Town

Ohaganishi Tanada (Rice Terrace) Festival takes place in 850 mortar-shaped rice terraces located in …

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Early June

Unai Firefly Season

Yakage Town

Unai is well known as a habitat for fireflies. From late May to early June, the area offers visitors…

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The 2nd Sunday of the month

Korakuen Rice Planting Festival

Okayama City

Women wearing sedge hats and dark blue kimonos with white splash patterns plant rice seedlings by ha…

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Yubara Onsen - Day of Outdoor Baths

Maniwa City

On June 26, national outdoor bath day (rotenburo), ceremonies and events to commemorate hot springs …

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7 july

The 2nd weekend of the month

Hayashima Kurashiki Hanagoza Matsuri (Festival)

Hayashima Town

Hanagoza, specialty mats produced here, and other rush products are offered at special discount pric…

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Late July

Kurashiki Tenryo Summer Festival

Kurashiki City

It is one of Kurashiki’s major summer festivals. The Daikan Bayashi-Odori Dance performed by m…

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8 august

weekend of the month

Okayama Momotaro Matsuri (Festival)

Okayama City

Performed by dancers made up as ogres, Uraja is very famous. The climax of the festival is a dance t…

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The 1st weekend of the month

Tsuyama Gongo Matsuri (Festival)

Tsuyama City

This festival celebrates the legend of a water sprite (kappa) that has been handed down through the …

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Early August – Late August

Fantastic Summer Garden/U-jo (Crow Castle) Togenkyo

Okayama City

Korakuen Garden and Okayama Castle are illuminated with traditional Japanese-style lighting such as …

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13th - 16th

Shiraishi-odori Dance

Kasaoka City

Shiraishi-odori Dance is thought to have been created on Shiraishijima Island to honor a samurai who…

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14th – 16th

Bitchu Takahashi Matsuyama-odori Dance

Takahashi City

This is a traditional Takahashi City dance that has been performed for over 380 years. Dancers wear …

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Wamoji-yaki & Fireworks

Wake Town

Around the same time as the famous Daimonji-yaki festival in Kyoto, the Wamoji festival takes place …

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Copyright Okayama Prefectural Tourism Federation. All Right Reserved.

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