Okayama / Bizen

Kibitsujinja shrine

Japan, 701-1341 931 Kibitsu, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture

There is a legend surrounding Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto and Ura, who are said to be the origin of the Momotaro (demon slaying) legend. You can experience legendary settings such as Yagi Rock, where it is said that an arrow was placed to kill demons, and Okamaden, where it is said that the head of a demon was buried. The Narukama Shinto ritual, in which fortune is predicted by the sound of a kettle, is familiar to many people. The main shrine and worship hall, which were rebuilt in 1425, are the only ones in Japan to adopt the architectural style Kibitsu-zukuri (hiyoku irimoya-zukuri, hiyoku irimoya-zukuri), and have been designated as national treasures. Additionally, the beautiful 360m corridor that extends from the main shrine is a historic building that is worth seeing.

Telephone number 086-287-4111
Website https://www.kibitujinja.com/en/
  • Approximately 20 minutes from Okayama IC on the Sanyo Expressway or approximately 15 minutes from Okayama Soja IC on the Okayama Expressway Parking: 400 regular cars, 4 buses Approximately 10 minutes walk from JR Kibitsu Station
Language 日本語
Other Plum (plum) mid-February to mid-March (white plum, red plum, weeping plum, etc.) Cherry blossoms (Sakura) Late March to early April Peonies (peony) Late April to early May (approximately 400) Hydrangea: Mid-June to early July (approximately 1,500 plants) Autumn leaves (momiji) from mid-November to early December (600-year-old giant ginkgo tree)

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