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Raikuji Garden

Japan, 716-0016 18 Yorikujicho, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture

Raiku-ji Temple is said to be one of the Ankoku-ji temples built by Takauji Ashikaga in various countries, and its garden is a nationally designated scenic spot. The garden is a dry landscape garden built by Kobori Enshu, who was stationed in the area as a Bicchu magistrate, and is attracting attention as a garden where you can see the origins of the Enshu garden. Completed in the early Edo period, it shows the characteristics of the late Momoyama period, and it is valuable that it has been preserved in its original state.

Business Time

9:00~17:00 No regular holiday

Telephone number 0866-22-3516
Website http://takahasikanko.or.jp/modules/spot/index.php?content_id=2
  • Approximately 20 minutes from Kayo IC on the Okayama Expressway Parking lot: 10 regular cars Approximately 15 minutes walk from JR Bitchu Takahashi Station
Language 日本語
Other Price: 400 yen for adults, 200 yen for middle and high school students, free for elementary school students and younger Azaleas: Late April to late May (1,000 square meters)

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