Okayama / Bizen
Nature / Seasons

Otabujima Island

Japan, 701-3203 Otafu, Hinase-cho, Bizen-shi, Okayama Prefecture

An island located 6 km south of Hinase Port, Bizen City. Located at the southernmost tip of the Hinase Islands, it was the residence of the Okayama clan during the Edo period. There is a nature trail that goes around the island, and if you take a stroll, you can see historic sites such as the Toro-do Hall and Roxagonal Well that remind you of the bygone era.

Telephone number 0869-72-1919
Website https://www.pref.okayama.jp/site/271/456773.html
  • Approximately 10 minutes from Okayama Blue Line Bizen IC to Hinase Port, 35 minutes by regular boat About 10 minutes walk from JR Hinase Station to Hinase Port, about 35 minutes by regular ferry
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