Okayama / Bizen

Kubo Farm

Japan, 2747-1 Mitsushitori, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture 709-2136

This farm offers a variety of harvest experiences, including grape picking (Muscat of Alexandria picking, New Pione picking, Berry A picking), chestnut picking, sweet potato digging, shiitake mushroom picking, and more. You can enjoy grape picking with unlimited time and all-you-can-eat (you can take home what you can't eat from the first bunch). The cafe offers popular menu items such as warm udon, fried chicken, and chicken nanban.

Business Time

Direct sales office 10:00~17:00 Closed: Wednesdays from January to June, year-end and New Year holidays Reception for fruit picking experience ends at 16:00

Telephone number 086-726-0511
Website http://www.kubofarm.co.jp/
  • Approximately 30 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Okayama IC Approximately 15 minutes by taxi from JR Kanagawa Station Parking: 100 regular cars, 10 buses (free)
Payment method
  • Credit card:Available
  • (JCB/VISA/NICOS/UCDC/Mastercard/American Express/Starting from mid-April 2024)
  • Electronic money:Available
  • (Suica/Starting from mid-April 2024)
  • QR payment:Available
  • (Paypay/Alipay/Starting from mid-April 2024)
Language 日本語
Other ・Nyupione hunting: Late August to early October ・Berry A picking: Late August to late October ・Muscat hunting: Early September to early November *Reservation required for 10 or more people Experience fee: New Pione hunting and all-you-can-eat in the park: 1,980 yen for adults, 1,100 yen for children (3 to 12 years old) ・Berry A picking & all you can eat in the park Adults 1,100 yen, Children (3 to 12 years old) 550 yen ・Muscat picking & all-you-can-eat Adults 2,240 yen, Children (3 to 12 years old) 1,430 yen *Prices are for August 2023. Please contact the facility for details as the information listed is subject to change.

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