Okayama / Bizen

Former Shizutani School

Japan, 705-0036 784 Shizutani, Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture

In 1670, Mitsumasa Ikeda, the lord of Okayama, established Japan's first "public school for the common people." The school built in the deep valley was named Shizutani School. Many talented leaders who created Japan's history were produced here. The majestic gabled auditorium has an atmosphere worthy of being called a "hall of learning." It has been designated as a national treasure. The area is dotted with facilities that have been designated as nationally important cultural properties, including a shrine with a statue of Confucius, the founder of Confucianism. In 2015, along with the ``Special Historic Site Former Kodokan (Ibaraki Prefecture),'' ``Historical Site Ashikaga School Ruins (Tochigi Prefecture),'' and ``Historical Site Kangien Ruins (Oita Prefecture),'' it was named ``Educational Heritage Sites of Early Modern Japan - A Spirit of Learning and Civility.'' It was certified as the first Japanese Heritage Site as ``Origin''.

Business Time

9:00~17:00 Closed: December 29th to 31st

Telephone number 0869-67-1436
Website http://shizutani.jp/english/
  • ・About 5 minutes from Wake IC on Sanyo Expressway or 15 minutes from Bizen IC Parking: 500 regular cars, 5 large cars ・About 10 minutes by taxi or 12 minutes by city bus from JR Yoshinaga Station ・Approximately 13 minutes by taxi or approximately 15 minutes by city bus from JR Bizen Katakami Station
Language 日本語

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