Mimasaka / Tsuyama

Hiruzen Jersey Land

Japan, 956-222 Hiruzen Nakafukuda, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture 717-0501

Located at the foot of Kami Hiruzen Mountain, you can see the majestic sight of Hiruzen Sanza and Jersey cows grazing leisurely. You can see through the window a factory that manufactures dairy products such as Jersey yogurt and cheese made from Jersey milk, which has a refreshing and rich flavor, and you can enjoy soft-serve ice cream and assorted Jersey sausages at the restaurant and shop. There are also dishes made with Jersey beef, and in addition to steaks and curries, there are more than 10 dishes that allow you to enjoy the deliciousness of red meat, such as roast beef bowls.

Business Time

9:00-17:00, 10:00-16:00 in January and February *Business hours may be extended on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays depending on the situation. *Open every day from March to December Closed: January to February: January 1st, every Tuesday and Wednesday (open on holidays)

Telephone number 0867-66-7011
Website http://jerseyland.hiruraku.com/
  • About 10 minutes from Yonago Expressway Hiruzen IC Parking: 300 regular cars, 3 buses
Language 日本語

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