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Gaisen Cherry Trees

Japan, 717-0201 Shinjo Murakami-cho, Maniwa-gun, Okayama Prefecture

Gaisen-zakura, a row of cherry blossom trees in a post town that is rare even in Japan, was planted in 1901 with 137 cherry blossoms to commemorate victory in the Russo-Japanese War. Currently, there are 133 Somei Yoshino trees, and the wonderful tunnel of cherry blossom trees that bloom every 5.5 meters is a typical spring scene in Shinjo Village. There are gently flowing waterways on both sides of the street, and its gentle sound has been selected as one of Japan's ``Top 100 Soundscapes'' and ``Japan's Top 100 Scentscapes.'' Cherry blossom season: Mid-April to late April

  • Approximately 15 minutes from Yonago Expressway Hiruzen IC Parking: 45 regular cars, 5 buses
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