Beer, shochu, and liqueurs that can only be purchased in Shinjo Village! 4 slightly special drinks from the village [Okayama]

Beer, shochu, and liqueurs that can only be purchased in Shinjo Village! 4 slightly special drinks from the village [Okayama]の画像

Shinjo Village, a small village in the north of Okayama Prefecture, has been certified as the ``Most Beautiful Village in Japan.'' There is a special sake made in this village using locally sourced ingredients that can only be obtained here. Beer, shochu, and liqueurs are made using the specialty glutinous rice Himenomochi, the flavorful Koshihikari rice, and Sarunashi, a rare fruit with a short season and low harvest. We will introduce four carefully selected items, including popular items that sell out immediately after their release every year and items that will be available for the first time this spring.


``Mochi rice shochu  HARU'' where you can feel the sweetness and aroma of Hymenomochi

A rice shochu made with Himenomochi, a sticky rice produced in Shinjo Village. The shochu is made with domestic rice malt and distilled under atmospheric pressure, bringing out the sweetness and aroma of sticky rice. After a long winter, the year begins in spring...The name ``Haru'' was given to reflect the image of Shinjo Village. As the name suggests, it is reminiscent of warm sunlight, and is characterized by its light texture. Distillation is carried out by the skilled brewers at Tago Honke Sake Brewery, which has been in business for over 350 years in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture. There are two types: 35% unblended sake that is not mixed with water after distillation, and 25% unblended sake that is adjusted by adding water to the unprocessed sake.The difference in alcohol content is expressed in calligraphy on the label. You can enjoy the taste change over time by aging the unprocessed sake.

Sticky rice shochu HARU 35 degrees (720ml) / 2,100 yen, sticky rice shochu HARU 25 degrees (720 ml) / 1,600 yen

Also suitable for meat dishes! ``Koshihikari Beer'' has a gorgeous and bold taste

This is a craft beer that uses Koshihikari rice grown in Shinjo Village as an accessory ingredient. The dark golden beer is a popular American pale ale style. The flavor that is unique to Koshihikari, with its strong sweetness that doesn't overpower the bright hop aroma, combines the best of hops and rice! It has a great impact at first bite, and goes well with meat dishes and other dishes with strong flavors. The beer is brewed at Mimasaka Beer Works in Katsuyama, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture.

Koshihikari beer (330ml) / 500 yen

``Saruna silique ~Madoka~'' is made using rare fruits harvested in the village.

First release in early April 2024! The new face of alcoholic beverages born in Shinjo Village is a liqueur made from Sarunashi, a rare fruit grown in Shinjo Village that is said to be the ancestor of the kiwi fruit. Manufactured by Tago Honke Sake Brewery. The liqueur is made by soaking the pears harvested in the previous fall in rock sugar for half a year and seasoning them with rice shochu.The liqueur has a mellow and gentle taste that combines the fruitiness and the mellowness of rice. Mixing it with carbonic acid adds refreshingness and makes it easier to drink. There are two types: a stylish slim 520ml bottle and a 180ml round bottle that is recommended as a small souvenir.A total of about 250 bottles will be sold this season. It will end as soon as it is sold out.

Saruna liqueur Madoka (520ml) / 1,380 yen, Saruna liqueur Madoka (180ml) / 690 yen

The mysterious beer “Sarunashi no Sato” is only sold during the Gaisen Cherry Blossom Festival.

Sarunashi no Sato, a beer brewed using Sarunashi fruit grown in the mountains of Shinjo Village, is characterized by its refreshing aroma and refreshing taste. Due to the limited harvest of Sarunashi, the raw material, only about 1,500 bottles are produced each year. It is brewed at Kibi Doteshita Beer Brewery in Okayama City. It is a fantastic product that goes on sale in conjunction with the Gaisen Cherry Blossom Festival, a spring tradition in Shinjo Village, and sells out during the festival every year. Sales start from March 30th in 2024. You can purchase it in front of Shinjojuku Daikokuya (Sarunashi no Sato Shinjo Co., Ltd.) on Gaisen Sakura-dori.

Sarunashi no Sato (330ml) / 650 yen

Limited quantity! Limited time only! Rare material! Special sake from Shinjo Village

The sake of Shinjo village is limited in quantity, can only be purchased for a limited time, and the ingredients are rare. Except for events and exhibitions, all of the items can only be purchased in the village. Be sure to go out to the local area and get your hands on some carefully selected alcohol.

Sticky rice shochu Yang HARU, Koshihikari beer, Sarunashi liqueur ~Madoka~ (released in early April 2024)

Gaisen Cherry Blossom Festival *Period in 2024: March 30th (Sat) – April 14th (Sun)…Sarunashi no Sato

Shinjo-juku Sugaitei *Served as a drink during lodging meals...Mochi rice shochu YO HARU, Koshihikari beer

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