Special feature on hydrangea spots in Okayama Prefecture! 14 flower spots to visit during the rainy season

Special feature on hydrangea spots in Okayama Prefecture! 14 flower spots to visit during the rainy seasonの画像

We have compiled a list of hydrangea spots in Okayama Prefecture. We also introduce delicious spots to stop by and enjoy within a 30-minute radius.


1. Otakiyama Saihoin Temple (Bizen City)

As the temple's nickname "Hydrangea Temple" suggests, colorful flowers welcome you on the approach to the temple, and from early to late June, about 1,500 colorful hydrangeas bloom along the approach, soothing the hearts of visitors. During the peak viewing period, the "Hydrangea Festival" is held.

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A delicious stopover spot: Honokura

About 10 minutes by car from Otakiyama Nishihoin. A take-out rice ball shop run by the agricultural production corporation Ichiken Farm. They have a wide variety of rice balls made with Asahi rice grown and harvested in Kato , Bizen City. They also sell freshly milled rice and fresh locally grown vegetables at the store.

Honokura Official Instagram

2. Kibitsu-jinja Shrine(Okayama City)

Early summer flowers to be admired along the beautiful corridorAbout 1,500 colorful hydrangeas bloom on both sides of the approach to Iwayama-gu Shrine, from the middle of the 360m corridor that continues from the back of the main hall, a national treasure.The hydrangeas seen from the top of the approach with the corridor in the background are also very beautiful.

A delicious stopover spot: Spice Cafe RATIO

About 20 minutes by car from Kibitsu-jinja Shrine is the Ashimori Townscape Preservation District, which retains traces of the Edo period. In this area, next to the Jinyamachi Ashimori Parking Lot, you can enjoy handmade spice curry, hand-ground coffee, sweets, and more at the old-style cafe.

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3. Takebe no Mori Park (Okayama City)

The 3.5km Hydrangea Road is located on the outer perimeter of the park, where you can enjoy various leisure activities throughout the year, decorating the road to the summit with refreshing colors. Refreshing white and blue flowers bloom along the roadside. You can also drive from the park entrance to the summit.

A delicious stopover spot: Tabuchi Shoten

About 15 minutes by car from Takebe no Mori Park. Located along the Asahikawa River, this nostalgic cafe is a mix of old and new. The shaved ice topped with juicy original syrup made with plenty of Seto Inland Sea fruits is a popular summer menu item.

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4. Okayama Korakuen Garden(Okayama City)

A refreshing floral scene found in one of Japan's Three Great Gardens Hydrangeas are planted along the waterways that are made by pumping up underground water. The scenery of irises and hydrangeas blooming at the same time is refreshing and seems to help you forget the humid heat.

Delicious stopover spot: Fukuda Chaya

Located in Okayama Korakuen Garden. A tea shop where you can enjoy matcha made with carefully selected tea leaves, parfaits, shaved ice, zenzai and other seasonal sweets while admiring the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. It's the perfect place to take a break during your stroll through the gardens.

Fukuda Chaya Official Website

5. Misaki Flower Garden (Misaki Town)

A flower garden with 20,000 hydrangeas of 100 varieties blooming. Located at an altitude of 400m, this is a spot where you can enjoy a variety of flowers. There are an overwhelming number of hydrangeas, about 100 varieties and 20,000 plants! You can enjoy the colorful colors and types of hydrangeas while strolling through the 20-hectare site.

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A delicious stopover spot: Makibanomori Food & Shop

About 10 minutes by car from Misaki Kazanen. A restaurant located inside "Makiba no Yakata." Enjoy local produce menu items such as Okayama Wagyu beef ribeye steak, pork cutlet curry, carbonara, bolognese, and pizza.

Makiba no Yakata Restaurant "Makiba no Mori FOOD & SHOP" Official Website

6. Chohoji Temple (Tsuyama City)

A temple at the foot of Mount Kannanbi in the southern part of Tsuyama City, where about 3,500 hydrangeas bloom in competition with each other. When Tsuyama Castle was demolished in the Meiji era, tall sliding doors depicting hydrangeas were presented as a gift, which prompted the temple to plant them. Currently, about 3,500 hydrangeas bloom in competition with each other during the rainy season.

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Tasty stop: Nishilma 25

About 7 minutes by car from Chohoji Temple. Located in the Josai Traditional Buildings Preservation District in Tsuyama City, this gallery utilizes a building that has been handed down for generations since the Edo period. It can also be used as a cafe, where you can enjoy lunch made with organic vegetables and brown rice, as well as baked goods made with seasonal ingredients.

Nishilma 25 Official Website

7. Tsuyama Castle / Kakuyama Park (Tsuyama City)

Tsuyama Castle (Kakuzan Park), famous for its hydrangea cherry blossoms that stand out against the Bitchu Yagura turret and stone walls, is a hydrangea spot known only to those in the know. The sight of the blossoms blooming under the Bitchu Yagura turret is particularly charming, combining with the heavy stone walls and historical buildings. In addition to blue and red-purple hydrangeas, you can also see lacecap hydrangeas.

Delicious stopover spot: kitchen hitotogohan

About 8 minutes by car from Tsuyama Castle (Kakuzan Park). A cafe in a complex that was renovated from an old kindergarten building. Popular items include omelet rice with a choice of organic tomato sauce, Hiruzen Jersey beef demi-glace sauce, stew-based white sauce, and hamburger steak served in a skillet.

kitchen hitotogohan official website

8. Oyama Hydrangea Road (Mimasaka City)

This path leads to an observation spot where you can see the beautiful blue gradation of the Yunogo Onsen town below, and in the distance, the highest peak in Okayama Prefecture, Ushiroyama, as well as mountains such as Nagisan. Approximately 3,000 deep blue and purple hydrangeas blend beautifully into the greenery of the mountains.

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Delicious stopover spots: Farm Cafe Yunogo/Yunohana Garden

About 7 minutes by car from Oyama Hydrangea Road. Located in Yunogo Onsen Town, this facility allows you to enjoy skin-beautifying hot springs and local delicacies in a picnic style. You can order croissant sandwiches, pizza, and sweets made with fruit from the facility's own farm at the attached cafe and enjoy them in the open garden. There is also a foot bath corner in the garden.

Farm Cafe Yunogo/Yunohana Garden Official Website

9. Daishoji Temple (Mimasaka City)

Strolling surrounded by 5,000 hydrangeas This is a historic temple that is said to have been founded by imperial decree of Emperor Shomu, and is the 13th temple of the "Twenty-four Temples of Sanyo Flowers." With around 5,000 hydrangeas planted around the temple, it is also famous as the hydrangea temple.

*Currently, entry to the mountain is prohibited due to bears (July 2023).

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Delicious stop: Bon appetit

About 30 minutes by car from Daishoji Temple. A Western restaurant with a wide variety of menu items, including omelet rice, pasta, hamburgers, pizza, risotto, and stew. They also serve 100% Mimasaka venison hamburgers, which are made with fresh venison and are known for being surprisingly juicy.

Bon Appetit Official Website

10. Fumonji Temple (Maniwa City)

Hana no Yamadera Temple in early summerThe Hana no Yamadera Temple is a place where you can experience the colors of the seasons, such as cherry blossoms, rhododendrons, and maples. In mid-June, about 3,000 hydrangeas bloom in a variety of colors, delighting visitors.

A delicious stopover spot: Gelato Daigozakura

About 20 minutes by car from Fumonji Temple. A gelato shop that uses fresh Jersey milk and local ingredients to provide seasonal flavors. Menu items that focus on ingredients such as "Sakekasu An", which combines sake lees from Gozanshu Junmai Daiginjo and smooth bean paste from Fujito Manju, are also popular.

Gelato Daigozakura Official Instagram

11. Hiruzen Herb Garden Herbil (Maniwa City)

A garden on the plateau overlooking the Hiruzen Three Peaks. Located in Maniwa City, overlooking the Hiruzen Three Peaks. With a total area of ​​3 hectares, it is home to one of the largest lavender fields and herb gardens in western Japan, as well as a hydrangea garden with about 3,000 hydrangeas in bloom.

Delicious stopover spot: Hiruzen Winery

About 10 minutes by car from Hiruzen Herb Garden Harville. A winery that brews wine using wild grapes, which is rare nationwide. In addition to wine, the cafe offers an assortment of cheeses made in the Hiruzen-kogen Heights and soft serve ice cream made with Hiruzen Jersey milk and wild grapes.

Hiruzen Winery Official Website

12. Tanematsuyama Park West Garden (Kurashiki City)

Approximately 13,000 hydrangeas in a park that makes the most of the natural terrain! This popular park has a panoramic view of the Mizushima industrial area and plenty of play equipment for children. Approximately 13,000 hydrangeas are planted in the park that makes the most of the natural terrain.

Delicious stop: Patisserie Oxalis

About 10 minutes by car from the West Garden of Tanematsuyama Park. A popular Western confectionery shop with delicate and gorgeous cakes decorating the showcase. In addition to the deliciousness of the takeaway cakes, the freshly baked and plated dessert "Assiette Dessert" (limited time only / reservation required by phone in advance) is also a hot topic.

Patisserie Oxalis Official Website

13. Saitoji Temple (Niimi City)

Said to have been built by Kobo Daishi Kukai, Seido-ji Temple is also famous as a temple where hydrangeas bloom in early summer. The mountainside beside the pure white Senbon Torii, a popular photo spot, is also decorated with beautiful hydrangeas.

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A delicious stopover spot: JA Sunny Country Okayama Yakiniku Restaurant "Chiyagyu"

About 30 minutes by car from Saito-ji Temple. This JA yakiniku restaurant procures whole Chiya beef from a directly managed ranch. You can enjoy Chiya beef, which is said to be the root of Japanese beef brands nationwide, to your heart's content. This restaurant also offers set meals and rice bowls, allowing you to casually enjoy rare brand beef.

Yakiniku restaurant "Chiyagyu" official website

14. Miyama Park (Tamano City)

A vast park full of nature, with hydrangeas. The park is about 15 times the size of Okayama Korakuen Garden, and is home to over 300 varieties of cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, camellias, azaleas, and more, with about 150,000 plants. The best time to see hydrangeas is in mid-June, with about 3,500 hydrangeas of 30 varieties. They can be seen in various places in the park, such as the promenade by Akamatsu Pond and the Miyama English Garden.

Delicious stopover spot: Miyama cafe PUUT

Located inside the roadside station next to Miyama Park. You can enjoy a variety of dishes made with plenty of vegetables and fresh fish, as well as ingredients from Okayama Prefecture, which are also sold at the roadside station, as well as inari sushi made with Tamano's famous millet, homemade sweets, and breakfast. There is also a take-out menu, perfect for a picnic in the park.

MAP of the spots introduced

MAP of the spots introduced

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