Introducing peach direct sales stores in Okayama Prefecture! [Sales period: July to early August]

Introducing peach direct sales stores in Okayama Prefecture! [Sales period: July to early August]の画像

Peaches are the fruit that represents summer in Okayama. During the peak harvest season from July to early August, peaches are lined up at direct sales stores all over the prefecture.


We will introduce you to some direct sales outlets in Okayama where peaches are brought directly by producers, near the birthplace of Shimizu white peaches, tourist farms, and more. Enjoy the delicious taste of Okayama summer again this year!

Sanyo Open-Air Market Momonosato Store (Akaiwa City)

Located in Akaiwa City, where fruit cultivation is thriving, this is a producer's direct sales store where farmers ship their produce directly. As the store's name, "Peach Village," suggests, there are peach fields surrounding the store. It is about 10 minutes from the Sanyo Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway and 20 to 30 minutes from Okayama City center, so it is a direct sales store that attracts many customers from outside the city and the Kansai region. It opens at 7am during peach season (July and August), and customers line up before the store even opens, with the peak rush hour being between 7am and 8am, right after opening. Apparently there are days when 1,000 people visit, and traffic control is required even on weekdays.

There are about 100 peach farmers who ship their peaches here. The peach relay, which starts in late June, continues until mid-September, with different varieties being used. The peaches on display in the store include Hanayome, Hikawa Hakuho, Saotome, Kanoiwa, Hakuho, Shimizu Hakuto, Okayama Yume Hakuto, Hakurei, Sungold, Hakuo, and Ogon Peach. The peak season for the popular Shimizu Hakuto and Okayama Yume Hakuto is around late July, but since Akaiwa City grows a variety of peaches, you may be able to find peaches that are in season a little later or rare peaches that you won't find anywhere else.

Don't miss out on the "Defective Peach Boxes." Peaches that are defective, damaged, or overripe are shipped at bargain prices. *"Defective Peach Boxes" cannot be shipped.

Although it may not be suitable as a gift, this is an excellent item for home use or processing.

The official Instagram account also posts updates on the day's shipping status, so be sure to follow it and check it out.

The peach section occupies a large area of ​​the store. The boxes lined up are sold one after another, but when there are only a few left, they send a shipment request to the farmers via group LINE. Deliveries are made at any time during business hours, so there is almost no shortage of stock. The farmers come by with trucks loaded with peaches and the stock is quickly replenished. For this reason, there are many opportunities for customers and farmers to meet face to face at the storefront.

"This store is close to the producers, so we have a lot of fresh, ripe peaches," says Vice President Akira Toda. He is a fruit farmer who grows peaches and grapes himself. At the direct sales store, he speaks directly with customers, and is often asked about seasonal varieties and products that are suitable for shipping. Direct sales stores where you can see the farmers' faces are a must-visit spot where you can not only buy delicious peaches, but also communicate with the farmers.

[Sanyo Open-Air Market Momonosato Store]

Address: 502 Akaiwa City

TEL: 086-955-7889

Business hours: July and August: 7:00-16:00, September to June: 8:00-16:00

Closed: New Year's holiday

Parking: 100 regular cars

Sanyo Aozoraichi Momonosato Store Official Instagram

JA Okayama Hanayaka Tsutaka Store (Okayama City)

This is a JA Okayama agricultural produce store located about 4 minutes from Okayama Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway. The Ichinomiya area of ​​Okayama City, the birthplace of Shimizu white peaches, is nearby, and the white peaches that arrive are selected at the Ichinomiya sorting facility and graded by measuring sugar content through a sensor. They also carry a wide variety of peaches, with Kanoiwa, Hanayome, Hakuho, Shimizu white peaches, Okayama Yume white peaches, Natsugokoro, Hakurei, Kawanakajima, and Hakuo appearing in rotation from late June to around the Obon festival in August.

Not only will you find high-quality gift items, but there will also be box sales at great prices, so don't miss out.

Shimizu white peaches, known as the "Queen of Peaches," are a high-end variety of peach with beautiful white skin, delicate, melting flesh, and a gorgeous, noble fragrance. The "Royal" grade, which has a sugar content of over 12 degrees and a well-shaped fruit, is an exceptional product that is sold at a high price even in department stores. Only at direct sales stores can you buy such white peaches at a good price, and the fact that they are fresh, picked that morning, is a privilege that comes from being close to the production area.

*The peak season for Shimizu white peaches is from late July to early August.

They also cater to those who want to send delicious Okayama white peaches to relatives or friends. In one corner of the store, the peaches are shipped out. During the peak harvest season, the shipping boxes pile up!

This direct sales store also has a corner where farmers bring their produce directly to the store, and they sell Shimizu white peaches at surprisingly reasonable prices, such as 500 yen for 3 peaches. They are also sold individually or in pairs, so they are perfect for home consumption. Many customers come to the store early in the day, so it is recommended to visit in the morning when there is a wide selection of products.

[JA Okayama Hanayaka Tsutaka store]

Address: 793-1 Yokoinoue, Kita Ward, Okayama City

TEL: 086-294-2096

Business hours: 9:00-17:00

Closed: New Year's holiday

Parking: 20 standard-sized cars

JA Okayama Official Website

Ohara Tourist Orchard ( Niimi City)

Ohara Tourist Orchard is located on a karst plateau at an altitude of 450-500m. Every year from early July to mid-August (around Obon), you can enjoy unlimited time and all-you-can-eat Peach Picking for just the entrance fee (Peach Picking may be canceled on days when there are few ripe peaches. Please contact us in advance before heading out). Once you have borrowed a knife and bucket, you can pick the ripe fruit yourself. You can enjoy the taste of the peaches that are in season to your heart's content under the trees that are full of fruit.

At the foot of the hill where the orchard is located, there is a direct sales shop where you can purchase peaches grown in fields dedicated to shipping. The varieties available include Hakuho, Asama white peaches, Shimizu white peaches, Okayama Yume white peaches, Kawanakajima white peaches, and golden peaches. Nationwide shipping is also available. The store also has great value boxes and small packs, perfect for home use. In addition to seasonal fruits, they also sell fresh locally grown vegetables and souvenirs.

[Ohara Tourist Orchard]

Address: 1204 Kusama, Niimi City

TEL: 0867-74-3202

Peach Picking admission fee: 1,800 yen for adults, 1,200 yen for elementary school students, 900 yen for kindergarteners

*No reservations required for individuals (reservations required for groups of 20 or more)

Opening hours: 8:00-17:00 during the orchard opening period (early July to late November)

Closed: None during this period

Parking: 30 cars, 10 buses

Want to know more? Learn about Okayama peaches!

We will introduce all the charms of Okayama peaches, including the history of peach cultivation in Okayama, the varieties and characteristics, tourist farms where you can Peach Picking, and souvenirs and sweets made with peaches.

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