Recommended seasonal sightseeing spots

Introducing Okayama's seasonal charms and highlights, as well as one of the most atmospheric hot spring resorts in western Japan


Okayama has many famous cherry blossom viewing spots. Must-see spots that have been selected as one of Japan's top 100 cherry blossom spots include Tsuyama Castle, where approximately 1,000 cherry trees look like a sea of ​​clouds, and Gaisen Sakura Street, which has a beautiful historic townscape and cherry blossom tunnel.

Spring Okayama sightseeing guide (March to May)

Must see! Full of information to enjoy Okayama in spring. We'll introduce you to must-see spots, experiences, seasonal gourmet food, and more.

Okayama Korakuen in spring

Spring is when the grass gradually turns green. Yuishinzan, located almost in the center of the park, offers a panoramic view of the entire garden, offering a refreshing view of the fresh greenery. The sight of azaleas and azaleas decorating the slopes of Mt. Yuishin and around Enyo-tei is a typical spring scene in Korakuen. If you take a walk along the garden path that surrounds the pond, you can see the highlights of the park, such as the lush green tea plantations and Ida fields.

spring flower spot

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Recommended spring experiences

[Cycling] Okayama Prefecture offers a variety of cycling courses, including the magnificent scenery of the Seto Inland Sea, Kibi Kogen, and the Chugoku Mountains, as well as beautiful townscapes that still have a rich history.

[Trekking] Let's climb the mountains in spring while enjoying fresh greenery and flowers in a warm and cheerful atmosphere! There are various spots where you can casually hike or climb a mountain in earnest.

[Pottery/Making] You can make your own one-of-a-kind items such as Bizen ware, blown glass, denim accessories, leather products, and accessories.

[Strawberry picking] There are many farms in Okayama Prefecture where you can go strawberry picking. Why not try out different varieties and find your favorite strawberry?

Recommended gourmet food for spring

[Mackerel] Speaking of sashimi, Spanish mackerel! This seafood is so loved by the people of the prefecture. You can enjoy many Spanish mackerel dishes in Okayama, such as sashimi, tataki, and grilled with salt.

In summer, you can enjoy water activities in the beautiful sea and river. If you rent a summer kimono called a yukata and walk through the illuminated streets, it will be an unforgettable memory.

Summer Okayama sightseeing guide (June to August)

Introducing spots and experiences where you can fully enjoy summer in Okayama. Take a refreshing trip to the Seto Inland Sea and highlands!

summer flower spot

Kibitsu Shrine<br>
Kibitsu Shrine
[Hydrangea] The blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas that bloom from the rainy season to early summer are so beautiful that you'll want to take a photo of them! (Mid-June to early July)

Flower garden on reclaimed land in Kasaoka Bay<br>
Flower garden on reclaimed land in Kasaoka Bay
[Sunflowers] A field of sunflowers blooming vigorously under the summer sun! Let's go out and get power from vitamin-colored flowers. (July to August)

Enjoy your stay in a cool spot!

Iwai Falls<br>
Iwai Falls
Introducing cool spots where you can stay cool even in the hot summer. Refresh yourself by bathing in negative ions through forest bathing and waterside activities. Also, why not spend some extraordinary time and refresh yourself in the limestone cave, which is cool and comfortable even in summer. Be sure to try the cool sweets that are unique to Okayama.

Iwai Falls
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Kanba Falls
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Narutaki Forest Park
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Ikura Cave
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Makido Cave
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Bitchu Bell Breast Hole
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Enjoy the taste of the season! fruit picking

[Peach picking] Speaking of Okayama's peaches, the ``white peaches'' are grown with each peach carefully wrapped in a bag. Enjoy the aromatic and juicy peaches! (Late June to early September)

Yoshii Farm

[Grape picking] The taste of grapes grown in a warm climate, such as the large, seedless "Pione" and the "Shine Muscat" whose skin can be eaten, is exceptional! (Late July to early November)

Ishihara Orchard
Mimasaka Farm
Kubo Farm

Enjoy the outdoors!

[Campsite & Glamping Spot]

Okayama in autumn with beautiful autumn leaves. Many of the autumn foliage spots are lit up at night, giving you a fantastic view that is completely different from the daytime scenery.

Ukan Gorge
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Okutsukei Valley
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Gokei Valley
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Autumn Okayama sightseeing guide (September to November)

Introducing the must-see spots and experiences to enjoy Okayama in autumn.

You'll want to point your lens at it! Autumn leaves spot

We introduce recommended autumn foliage spots where you can enjoy landscapes of different beauty, such as valleys turning red, waterfalls and autumn foliage collaborating, and colorful trees decorating historic sites. If you come across a wonderful scene while traveling, capture the entire emotion.

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I want to enjoy it in autumn! art spot

Uno's Chinu
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Enjoy the taste of the season! Fruit picking [grape picking] [pear picking]

The highlight of winter is the snowy scenery in the northern part of the prefecture. From full-fledged snow activities to playing in the snow, you can have fun in a way that suits your needs. Taking a bath in the open-air bath while looking at the snow is something special.

Winter Okayama sightseeing guide (December to February)

Introducing the must-see spots and gourmet food to enjoy Okayama in winter.

Illumination spot that colors the winter

Spectacular sea of ​​clouds spots in Okayama that you must see at least once

A sea of ​​clouds becomes visible as autumn deepens and the mornings get colder. When you look around from the top of a mountain early in the morning, the fog that covers the area below looks like a sea of ​​clouds! We will introduce you to a sea of ​​clouds spots in Okayama Prefecture where you can enjoy such a fantastic view. Would you like to go out in search of a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular view that can only be seen when various weather conditions are right?

Beat the cold with winter sports!

Three healing Okayama hot springs/Mimasaka three hot springs: Yubara, Okutsu, and Yunogo

Experience the effects of hot springs for healing and beautifying your skin while enjoying a variety of hot springs!
Mimasaka Santo, located in the northern part of Okayama Prefecture, is one of the most famous hot springs in western Japan, consisting of three famous hot springs: Yubara Onsen, Okutsu Onsen, and Yunogo Onsen. You can relax and heal while surrounded by nature, or enjoy the quaint appearance of a spa and hot spring town. How about a hot spring trip that warms your mind and body?

Yokozuna of the open-air bath ranking west! "Yubara Onsen"

Yubara Onsen has been known as a hot spring resort since the time of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and is said to be effective against neuralgia and sensitivity to cold. It is convenient to access by car, but there are also buses from the nearest Chugoku Katsuyama Station and other major areas nearby. It is famous for its ``Sunayu'', which was recognized as the Yokozuna of the West in the national open-air bath ranking. There are also historical monuments along the hot spring town, a hot spring museum with exhibits related to the area, and Yumoto Onsenkan, where you can enjoy a day trip to the hot springs.

Yubara Onsen

Enjoy the ultimate relaxing time at Okutsu Onsen, a hidden hot spring surrounded by mountains and clear streams.

Okutsu Onsen, which is located in a beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains and rivers and was valued by feudal lords during the Edo period, is known as the scenic "hot spring of beauty." Okutsu Onsen also has attractions such as ``foot washing'', an ancient custom that has become a specialty, and scenic spots with abundant nature. You can also enjoy a day trip bath at Hanabijin no Sato, a relaxing space surrounded by the warmth of wood. *Due to damage caused by Typhoon No. 7 in August 2023, "foot washing" is currently suspended.

Okutsu Onsen

Enjoy the retro atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy at Yunogo Onsen, a historic spa for healing and beautiful skin!

Yunogo Onsen, also known as ``Sagi no Yu,'' is said to have been discovered by Priest Ennin 1,200 years ago, and is said to have healing effects on wounds and skin beautification. You can get there in less than 10 minutes by bus or taxi from the nearest JR Hayashino Station. The nearby area is blessed with scenic spots where you can enjoy the rich nature, such as the Daisen Observation Deck, and is also known as a ``toy town'' and a hot spring resort that can be enjoyed by three generations of the family. At Yugo Sagi Onsenkan, which is also the original hot spring of Yunogo Onsen, you can enjoy various types of hot spring bathing.

Yunogo Onsen